Tujhse Hai Raabta 10 February 2021 Written Updates

Scene begins with Shera meets Tony in Anarkali clothing. Tony gets stunned seeing Shera in woman symbol. Shera gives him number and asks him to establish who’s that individual tied up with Avni. Tony concurs and asks how long he going to act like Anarkali. Shera says Kalyani should win this test and I should act like Anarkali to shield them from Avni. Tony embraces him saying he is missing him. Aaosaheb notice their embrace and misjudges it.

Tony says counterfeit Gundas didn’t came to Anupriya on schedule yet Anupriya and Kalyani took care of the genuine hooligans quite well. Shera inquires as to whether something happens to Kalyani. Tony says in the future I will go with thugs. Shera says Anupriya ji certainty may expanded with this occurrence. Tony acclaims Anarkali look. Shera sends him indicating his hand.


Kalyani shows Anupriya how to get ready introduction in PC. Godavari Informs to Kalyani that Avni kept Haldi Kumkum work in home. Kalyani requests whom. Avni enters saying I need world to know im Sarthak’s significant other and I will send greeting to WhatsApp so if it’s not too much trouble, go to the capacity. Anupriya gets tears. Kalyani comforts her adage we should utilize this occasion as advancement to our sarees.


Women acclaims Avni is purpose behind Sarthak brisk recuperation. Anarkali takes her telephone saying she will click pics to check her messages. Avni gives gangs. Visitor asks where is house women, will not they go to in light of the fact that Anupriya is Sarthak spouse. Kalyani says it’s old standard yet we are here to go to work wearing our new assortment sarees. Women likes assortment and they chats with Anupriya that they need comparative example sarees in various tones.

Anarkali advises to Avni that Anupriya is standing out enough to be noticed in your capacity. Avni feels incensed and affronts Anupriya saying she can’t make a difference Haldi Kumkum to anybody. Kalyani tosses haldi Kumkum and says my Aayi needn’t bother with spouse or these Haldi Kumkum. Sarthak says don’t pay attention to Kalyani words to leave your better half to begin your own organizations. Kalyani says lady needn’t bother with men uphold, I wish I never constrained Aayi for second marriage since she is solid and lady is as of now full from her introduction to the world and she needn’t bother with any Men.


Anupriya thanks and concurs with Kalyani saying she needn’t bother with any men when she have Kalyani and she cheerfully embraces her. Sarthak says Anupriya can’t guard without Kalyani in light of the fact that she is feeble and can’t deal with customers and she stands quiet even after my affronts. Kalyani cautions Sarthak to carry on. He leaves.

Avni gets call and she requests that her Men watch out for the individual they Kidnapped until she reaches to them. Anarkali runs with cycle while getting away. Avni look If somebody is behind her yet she didn’t discovered anybody. Shera calls Tony and relegates him some work.


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