The Boss Baby: Family Business Story

In the spin-off of DreamWorks Animation’s Oscar®-assigned blockbuster satire, the Templeton siblings—Tim (James Marsden, X-Men establishment) and his Boss Baby little brother Ted (Alec Baldwin)— have become grown-ups and floated away from one another. Tim is currently a hitched stay-at-home father. Ted is a multifaceted investments CEO. However, another manager child with a state of the art approach and a can-do mentality is going to unite them again … and rouse another privately-run company.

The Boss Baby: Family Business Story Cast


  • Alec Baldwin
  • Jeff Goldblum
  • Ariana Greenblatt
  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Lisa Kudrow
  • Eva Longoria
  • James Marsden
  • Amy Sedaris


  • Tom McGrath (Director)
  • Jeff Hermann (Producer)

The Boss Baby: Family Business Release Date

In Theaters & Streaming on Peacock July 2, 2021