Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8 February 2021 Written Update

Pankanj says I can’t wed her. Jogi says yes it ought to be dropped however not you, Priya should drop it. Pankaj says what? He says for what reason should any young lady wed a person who is so extremist. Who figures young ladies don’t have a past. Pankaj says yet she ought to have advised me. Jogi says didn’t you have illicit relationships too? Did you reveal to Priya everything? Mahi says she was terrified. Her trust was broken. Jogi says it was his error not Priya’s. However, regardless of whether she must be rebuffed, not large that Priya’s wedding is dropped. I indicated you this video to allow you to break these traditions. Pankaj says it’s not difficult to talk. Imagine a scenario where you were from my perspective and you were wedding Mahi and you saw her video like this. What might you? They are both stunned. Jogi holds Mahi. Jogi says I

am sorry Mahi, I am grieved that I was unable to win your trust that you could disclose to me this. I’m sorry you needed to confront this by itself. I’m sorry your heart broke and I wasn’t with you. Mahi is stunned. Jogi says however now I am with you. Remaining close to you. Whatever occurs, we will confront it together. In the event that that cockroach I will toss insect poison on him. I don’t mind what occurred in past, however in present, I guarantee our future would be wonderful. Mahi investigates his eyes. Jogi says this is the thing that I would say to Mahi. I anticipate the equivalent from you. You choose whose side are you on, directly on wrong. Also, your choice will choose if I need to remain companions with you or not. Pankaj goes out.


Pandit ji says just 15 minutes are left, we should drop it in the event that we don’t do it quickly. Seema says I gave 711 rupees shagun. Biji says have some disgrace. Seema says not to your grandson. Seema says shalu get their tabela bolted.


Pankaj wears his turban back. Jogi says this was the best way to kick that Gulshan out. When there’s nothing among a couple, nobody can do anything. Gulshan calls once more. They shake hands and say time for activity.

Scene 2


Gulshan is drinking with his companions. Mahi, Jogi, and Pankaj come there. Pappu and his companion come out as well. Everybody is stressed inside. Priya’s mother is concerned. Rupa says don’t stress. Priya says in her heart Mahi save my marriage, please.

Jogi shows a stop board to Gulshan and says you can’t past this point. Gulshan says mind your business. I have an apparition in the event that he comes out, Priya’s life would be restricted. I need section expenses of 1 lac. Jogi says I will not give you cash, another person would. He says who? Jogi says the husband to be. Pankaj comes. Jogi says welcome. Pankaj hits Gulshan and says what video? Advise me. He says Jogi record his beating video, it will get viral. Pankaj beats Gulshan and says never attempt to compromise Priya. I will cut you into pieces. Mahi makes Gulshan fall. They all beat him together. Jogi says to Pankaj we will deal with him, don’t stress. You go total your wedding. Pankaj says thank you for saving me from a particularly serious mix-up. Mahi hits Gulshan. She continues to hit him with the board. Pankaj goes in. Gulshan’s companions come. Jogi beats them. Mahi falls. Jogi holds her. Jogi takes every one of their telephones. He says Mahi ji, erase everything. Mahi takes their telephones and erases everything.


Gulshan says I was in good company in this. Mahi says who else was with you in this. He says Pappu ji.. Pappu comes there. Gulshan says Pappu ji save me please. Pappu comes there and beats him more. He says what were you attempting to do? Nauseating man. He says Mahi hit him with your shoe. Mahi hits him. Gulshan says check who called me last time. You approached my telephone. Jogi says yes somebody called him. Who was that? Pappu says I did. Mahi reviews Gulshan taking Pappu’s name.

Tv Show Name: Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Live Streaming Timings On TV: All times are in IST (India Standard Time)

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Friday

Ongoing Air Date: 8, February, 2021

Country: India

Language: Hindi Matrubhasha

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