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Tujhse Hai Raabta 23nd March 2021 Written Update

Pandit scopes to Kalyani place. Kalyani says thanks to Pandit for causing them. Pandit says I’m assisting two with mothering’s who’s battling for their child however how you folks are getting along it alone. Kalyani says Someone is with us in this arrangement. Than they hears thump. Kalyani opens the entryway and Pawar comes inside&hellip

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 22nd March 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Kalyani sees Sampada. Malhar looks for Kalyani. Kalyani says we are sisters like different sides of coin. Sampada says you need to complete my desires and you need to live like Sampada. Aaosaheb advises to Malhar that Kalyani is no place and Sarthak went to meet somebody with respect to his case.&hellip

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 18 March 2021 Written Update

Atharv goes into Kalyani room from overhang and says Sampu for what reason didn’t you murdered Malhar? Sampada asks how Pandit came inside. Atharv says I will eliminate Malhar so you focus on Kalyani and send her to Mental emergency clinic. Sarthak listens their convo and moves from that place. Atharv says don’t stress since&hellip


Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th March 2021 Written Updates

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday Ongoing Updates: 6th March 2021 / (06-03-2021) First episode date: 3 September 2018Production location: Mumbai, IndiaNumber of episodes: 491Directed by: Sanjay Satavase, Akhilesh BhagatNetworks: Zee TV, Viacom 18 Episode Timings On TV:All times are in IST (India Standard Time).

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 5th March 2021 Written Updates

Malhar goes to toilet and perceives how Kalyani getting sentimental with Atharv. Atharv says it’s your arrangement right. Had Kalyani says you’re questioning me right? I will give you Moksh as blessing to you grabbing him from Malhar. Malhar goes into room saying Kalyani. Atharv says it’s your significant other who’s doing everything not me.&hellip

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 4th March 2021 Written Updates

Scene begins with Atharv says your Aayi is distraught and how will you respond in the event that she slaps you. Kskysni enters saying quit dirtying kids heart and she embraces Moksh and expressions of remorse to him for her conduct at police headquarters and takes him to her room. Kalyani awakens in center of&hellip

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th January 2021 Written Update

Presently, Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th Jan 2021 Written Update Starts with Aaosaheb discloses to Vivek needs to met her yet Godavari denies to meet her Dad and leaves. Kalyani encourages to Aaosaheb that she will make Godavari to agree to meet Vivek. Hidden men cover the house from each side. Shera demands Tony to take&hellip

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th December 2020 Written Update

Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th December 2020 Written Update Full Story Keywords searches: tuzse hi rabta 25 December 2020 Live Broadcast Days: Monday to Friday Ongoing Updates: 25 December 2020 / (25/12/2020) Today’s Written Update: TUZZE HI ROBTA 25 December 2020 Written Update Start Full Story… TUZZE HIGH ROBTA 28 December 2020 Written Update PreCap (28&hellip