Molkki Written Updates

Molkki 28 January 2021 Written update

Virender says sorry to Purvi. She says she won’t excuse him that effectively and requests that he watch what she does. In evening, when a capacity is going on, a dispatch man comes. Purvi sees a worker gathering the bundle and ponders which bundle came that late. Afterward, Priyu is crying. She reveals to Purvi&hellip

Molkki Written Updates

Molkki 27 January 2021 Written update

Mom advises everybody to quiet down. He requests that Virender apply haldi also. Purvi moves to one side. Virender applies haldi to Priyu. He takes a gander at Purvi. You’re not ready to excuse me so see what I will do now. Purvi is caught up with conversing with the visitors. Virender applies haldi all&hellip

Molkki Written Updates

Molkki 25 January 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender cautions her to mind her tongue. I’m the Mukhiya of this town. As a Mukhiya, I can’t confide in anybody based on words as it were. I would require evidence. Your claim was intense and you had no verification to demonstrate Vaibhav blameworthy. Remember that I set this Panchayat so Priyu could get equity.&hellip

Molkki Written Updates

Molkki 23 January 2021 Written Episode Update

Virender frowns at Vaibhav. Vaibhav holds his head faking a cerebral pain and attempts to run yet workers grasp him. Virender gets a stick and starts beating him. Vaibhav folds his hands mentioning for kindness. Mom and Yogi stop Virender some way or another. Virender says slaughtering him won’t compensate for it by the same&hellip

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Molkki 30 November 2020 Written full Episode Updates presenting Latest Molkki 30th November 2020 Episode Written Update. Molkki 30th November 2020 (30/11/2020) Complete Episode Written Update. Manas and Juhi are taking classes at home. Purvi looks on. Manas goes to washroom. Juhi chooses to go with him. They light wafers under his seat. He escapes from that point and will not instruct&hellip