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Barrister Babu 19 April 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Bondita saying you have grabbed Anirudh, would you be able to give him back to me. Manorama says I can give my life as well, what do you need. Bondita says I need to go in front of an audience with you to invite Viceroy. Manorama says no. She figures Bondita&hellip

Barrister Babu Written Update

Barrister Babu 17 April 2021 Written Update

Anirudh asks did you mission complete. Manorama says indeed, I mean I need to invite Viceroy additionally, at that point my main goal will be finished, I won’t ever inconvenience you. The man says Roy Choudhary’s bahu will come in front of an audience to invite Viceroy, Bondita Anirudh Roy Choudhary. Anirudh and Manorama get&hellip

Written Update

Barrister Babu 10 April 2021 Written Update

In any case, Anirudh recommends Manorama to welcome Bhaibhavi well. So Baibhavi gets dazzled and permits her to go to the show of Vice Roy. Anirudh says Bhaibhavi likes English breakfast. Manorama can give her those. Manorama concurs. Manorama endeavors to make cake and Bondita sees her. She feels Manorama will make another calamity dish.&hellip

Written Update

Barrister Babu 22 March 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Bandit coming to mandap. He puts chloroform drenched scarf all over and she gets oblivious. He trains cleric to tell everybody that they will go inside the present moment. Else everybody will be executed. He begins terminating too. Trilochan gets stunned and reveals to Bondita that she will not face challenge and&hellip