Anupama Written Updates

Anupama 16 April 2021 Written Update

Hasmuk says to Pakhi she understood her slip-up and demonstrated she is Anupama’s little girl. Pakhi asks Hasmuk is he isn’t irate with her. Hasmuk says no. He further requests that Pakhi change and make cold espresso with him. He adds he will inform to Anupama clearly regarding her deed. There, Vanraj asks Anupama how&hellip


Anupama 10 April 2021 Written Update

Opposite side, Vanraj calls Kavya. Kavya contends with Vanraj for not calling her. She further chooses to visit Vanraj at the hotel in the midst of the time limitation. In the mean time, Rakhi and Leela translates Kinjal is pregnant. Both grin seeing one another. Pakhi deal with Kinjal. Here, Samar dance and reviews his&hellip