Story 9 Months Ki 31 January 2021 Episode Written Update

Kavya says no, he just went to the Café. Kamleshwari says he had disclosed to me that you cherishes him and is an old buddy. Kavya says he had composed a passionate writer and that is the reason cried.

Kamleshwari requests that she guarantee that she will deal with Sarangdhar. Kavya guarantees her. Kamleshwari requests that she give her number and finishes the call. Kavya comes to Sarangdhar and requests that he come. Alia feels awful and thinks Sarangdhar had felt terrible when I terminated him the first run through.


She thinks today why I am feeling awful seeing him hurt. Alia asks Sarangdhar for what reason did he come? Sarangdhar says he came to say about his heart and curves down on his knees.


He says he won’t ever leave her hand and will walk like a reflection with her. He won’t ever release her away from him. Alia looks on. Read more….


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