The Episode begins with Alia inquiring as to whether he suspected something? Sarangdhar says however I haven’t arranged this child, yet I will take up its full obligation. Alia grins and says I comprehend Sarangdhar. She says when I came to realize that I am pregnant, unintentionally even you was there. I was exceptionally anxious and energized and even at this point. She says at whatever point I consider my child, my heart beat increments and my stand by is at long last finished. Sarangdhar says joy reflects in your eyes, Alia ji. Alia says yet dread is recognized clearly and asks what was the principal feeling when he came to think about her infant. He felt stunned. Alia says when we get something abruptly sudden, at that point we can’t deal with it as we might suspect it as a weight. She says my mother Nandini Sharma, left me, her little girl to be

a painter, to pursue her fantasy. She asks what is the assurance that you won’t pick your vocation over the child. She inquires as to why you are thinking to be a dad, when you need to be an essayist. She says I don’t need you to disappear from my infant’s life like my mom went, and don’t need my infant to get injured like me in adolescence. She reviews Nandini leaving her. She says no youngster will get injured this way, and says they break and broke. She says it is better that the child will not think about you. Sarangdhar says he is my infant as well, what are you saying, for what reason will I leave him? Alia says you may be imagining that you will assume up this liability because of feelings, when you have something different assumptions from life. She requests that he imagine that he isn’t the dad of the infant and believe that he did it for science. Sarangdhar says it isn’t that I disdain children and tells that his youth. Alia says I realize that you share a similar relationship with your father, similar to I share with Nandini Sharma. She says do you realize what is the contrast between you and me. She says she needs to give the affection to her child which she never got and says you would prefer not to be a father.

She says I comprehend that our youth encounters may be same, however our approach to see the life is extraordinary. She says she needs to give a similar life to her child, which she lives. She says you came here seeing a meeting, yet I don’t do anything without arranging. She says she don’t take any rash choices. She asks did you know for what reason I called you here. Sarangdhar says no. Alia says this is Mumbai’s best International school, my child will concentrate here, I have paid the expenses and saved the confirmation. She says I have arranged everything for my infant and don’t have any desire to do anything without arranging. She says she is fit to satisfy all her child’s requirements. She says you stay in a house with three individuals, and says you need to make your name in the business as a fruitful author. She says I didn’t intend to affront you, however you are not prepared to turn into a dad. She says I am not saying that cash is vital, as my dad was rich, however he never gave personal time. She says however she will give her chance to her infant and says she is engaged about her work, as when her child comes, at that point she can give him time. She says when infant comes, that time you may be battling and can’t offer chance to the infant. She says our reasoning and objectives are extraordinary. Sarangdhar gets sorrowful eyes and cries. Alia says then additionally I need to much obliged. Sarangdhar inquires as to why? Alia says you have assisted my fantasy with turning into a mother and now I will assist you with turning into an essayist. She says you are a decent essayist and I will assist you with drawing out your ability infront of the individuals. She brings check from her vehicle and requests that he compose a book and get it distributed. She says I will help you, however don’t come in my and my infant’s manner. She requests that he take the check and asks him not to feel that she is getting him far from her infant. She says this is the best approach to thank you, to satisfy my fantasies about turning into a mother. Affirmative Khuda yeh kya kiya khuda… She keeps check in his grasp and strolls towards her vehicle. She feels self-reproachful and figures my direction may not be right, yet my goal is appropriate for my child.

She gets a call from Mr. Poonawala. Mr. Poonawala inquires as to whether gifting and verse are prepared for his fabulous kid. Alia thinks she has failed to remember and says it is prepared. He says he will come tomorrow. She comes to Sarangdhar in her vehicle and requests that he compose verse for Mr. Poonawala. He says when I am not proficient to be a dad, at that point how I will compose a sonnet. Alia says she keeps her own and expert life diversely and requests that he compose sonnet, as Mr. Poonawala likes it. Sarangdhar says alright. She goes in her vehicle.

Sarangdhar considers Brij Mohan and Alia’s words. He goes to Kavya’s bistro. Kavya thinks why Sarangdhar is tragic and disturbed. He sits outside the bistro and cries.

Kamleshwari picks Sarangdhar’s call. Sarangdhar says I will become mixed up in this enormous city. Kamleshwari says you will turn out to be enormous and says when you was 20 years of age, at that point Pandit ji saw your kundali. Sarangdhar says when he was in his home, he used to carry on with his life as indicated by Brij Mohan’s desire and now when he is author in Alia’s organization, he needs to do everything as per her. He says I am only zero. Kamleshwari inquires as to for what reason would you say you are saying this? Alia thinks it was hard to hear for Sarangdhar, and it was comparable hard for me to say all that. Kamleshwari requests that he get back home. Sarangdhar will not come and feels crushed. Kamleshwari asks him not to talk such discouraging things and requests that he quit crying, else she will cry as well. She requests that he drink water.

Sarangdhar cries seriously. Kavya sees him crying severely from that point. She comes to him and asks what was the deal? She inquires as to whether he is fine? Kamleshwari requests that he quit crying, else she will cry as well. Kavya accepts the call and hears Kamleshwari requesting that he return and reviling the individuals who made him cry. Kavya says she is on the call. Kamleshwari asks did you individuals battle? Reda more….