Next we will see that Mehra has pulled down the small curtain pushing the front panel and the king asks her what happened to her and what she has that I do not have, so he also asks that the queen all the time Why does she keep thinking about him, then he asks, “Who are you and what is your situation? I am very successful with you and I am much richer than you and your life is in my hands. Then what does the queen think of herself?”

Raja Raja Raja again he says that now he will not think about himself then he says that the queen will not get your name, then we see that he shoots a knife on the pillow then he says that I kill you now too I want to, but I will never do this and bring the queen in front of your eyes.

Then he says that your countdown is going to start from now on. Next, we see that Mehra sees her and thinks that she is following my man. Why are you doing this and then the composition arises and is about to leave when the king senses, then the queen says that your queen will be with you king And Rani Karva Chauth is celebrating. Meher plans an explosion to separate them and they both get scared.