The scene begins with Devi asking anybody to make a move. Tej says they stopped protest however they will not beginning exploring before 48 hours. Shaan gets hyper and Aastha takes a stab at quieting him. Shaan requests that Tej utilize their impact to discover Shaurya. Aastha solaces Shaan and asks him not to lose trust. Devi yells that she will enquire Anokhi.

Shagun says she previously did that however Devi says Anokhi is hush-hush age they need to get reality out from her. Aastha takes represent Anokhi saying that she isn’t that kind of young lady yet Devi kept on offending her.

Devi says that she couldn’t care less about anything and simply need Shaurya back. She goes to investigate Anokhi and requests that anybody go with her who needs to discover Shaurya.

Anokhi requests Shaurya’s room card to utilize it to save Babli in the room nearby. Secretary denies giving her the keys. Anokhi is stressed over Babli and chooses to lie for the wellbeing of she. She lies that she’s Shaurya’s sweetheart and winds down to astonish him by enriching the room.

Secretary give the keys to her. Anokhi is attempting to sneak in when Devi comes there with Tej and others. She asks Where’s Shaurya yet Anokhi says that she don’t have the foggiest idea. Devi doesn’t trust her.

Shaan and Aastha examine about Shaurya and Anokhi. Devi sees the keys in Anokhi’s grasp and asks her how she was doing the keys of Shaurya’s room.

Then again, Shaan also censures Anokhi for Shaurya’s vanishing however Aastha says that it’s Devi who made declaration without talking about with Shaurya. She says he left simply because he was enraged with Devi. Unexpectedly Gayathri gets a call. She goes to it and gets stunned. Shaan also gets the call.

Devi asks Anokhi for what reason she’s having Shaurya’s keys. Anokhi answers her back and leaves without thinking often about any one. Anokhi goes into the room and gets brought down in Shaurya’s recollections seeing his things. She controls herself and chooses to zero in on her work. She utilizes the gallery and moves to Babli’s suit.

She discovers Babli crying on floor all pounded and gets stunned. She gets her and Babli shakes in dread. They were going to go out when Vineet comes there. The two of them gets stunned. Read More………