Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 6 May 2021 watching full Episode

Shaurya says its not about her but rather about Anokhi. He defies Devi for deceiving him about Anokhi not visiting him. Tej says that she was simply attempting to prevent him from leaving as he was not well. Devi has a go at controlling Shaurya indeed with her enthusiastic talks Alok backs her however Shaurya says he doesn’t know what is good and bad.

He says that he don’t have a clue why yet he feels they are plotting despite his good faith and that is the explanation they all abruptly shown up Goa to fix his commitment that too without examining with him. He says he concurs that they have right however he do have sentiments and they should’ve thought about it. He’s going to leave when Tej orders him to return in. Shaurya leaves in spite of his notice.


Aastha says Shaan that Shaurya isn’t care for him. Anokhi is attempting to adapt dependent upon her catastrophe. Babli encourages her to meet Shaurya once yet Anokhi says she can’t. She says she once redirected from her way and will not recurrent it as affection isn’t her thing.


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