Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani twenty ninth May 2021 Written Episode Update Starts with Anokhi argues Shaurya to prevent and Shaurya behaves like he’s inspecting approximately route but in addition prods her. He stops whilst exceptional understudies come there.Anokhi cautions him once more and he requests that she renowned their marriage. Anokhi stated him to to start with end her condition. She headed away happily.

Babli Is walking on the street whilst she feels someone following her.She directly surged lower back to the room whilst someone continues hand on her shoulder. Babli receives terrified but earlier than lengthy murmured in remedy figuring out that it’s Ahir. Ahir speaks he went beforehand of agenda for a meeting and heads inside. Babli watches the blossoms and spreads the petals at the water.Ahir watches it and grins.

Anokhi hears now no longer many understudies applauding Shagun for her excellence whilst every other understudy advises him that as indicated through college rule book, no heartfelt connection have to be blanketed amongst educator and understudy, else exacting pass might be made. Anokhi feels that Shaurya idea approximately it but on the equal time stowed farfar from her.Kanchan is scrounging thru Devi’s stuffs to open her mislead Shaurya whilst Devi comes there. Kanchan lies that she turned into in reality cleansing the room. Devi sends her out speakme that it’s as of now done.

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Anokhi is going to Shaurya’s motel whilst Shaurya certainly performs with her. Anokhi goes to transport away whilst Shaurya stops r and offers the understudy listing for sophistication to Anokhi as she’s using it.Anokhi goes to vanish whilst Shaurya holds her hand and argues her to make investments a few strength with him.

Anokhi is ready ti draw close to to him whilst she were given helped to take into account the understudies words. She drives him away and enables him to take into account his personal rule approximately rules. She speaks approximately exacting actions might be made whilst the trainer and understudy get blanketed sincerely. Read More…………