Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 30 April 2021 Written Update

The scene begins with Shaan calling for Aastha. Aastha separates before him. She inquires as to whether Shaurya will be fine. Shaan guarantees her that he will and makes her sit. He says Shaurya is solid like her and will recuperate. Aastha requests that he call when Shaurya awakens and gets some information about her. She says she will oversee in some other lodging.

Anokhi comes there and Aastha offers to take her back. Anokhi reviews Shagun’s words and gets stressed. Aastha sees her face. Then again, Vineet is scrubbing down when he discovers Anokhi’s things. He requests that she say reality that how Anokhi is here. He says that how did Nikki get such a lot of cash.


Babli says that Nikki came there to help her however Vineet doesn’t trust her. He takes steps to call Babli’s dad when Babli says that the even is coordinated by Nikki’s school and that is the explanation Anokhi assists her with the occasion. She gets Anokhi’s call and goes out. Anokhi comes there stressed. Babli asks what occurred. She inquires as to whether anybody offended her. Anokhi says nothing occurred and simply need to rest. She leaves in yet Babli accepts something occurred. She contemplates whether Devi said something to Nikki.


Yash is truly disappointed for Kanchan. Kanchan is strolling lost in considerations when she meets with her couple of companions. They all get shocked and glad seeing her.

They all welcome her for drink. Kanchan denies their solicitation respectfully when she gets Yash’s message asking about for what valid reason’s she not getting the call. Kanchan gets more furious and consents to join her companions for drink.


They begin getting a charge out of. Kanchan becomes inebriated and battles to keep a hold of herself. Vineet detects her and takes a stab at exploiting her circumstance when Yash surges there. He takes her from Vineet’s holds and blows up at him. He admonishes Kanchan for drinking so a lot and takes her with him. Read More……..


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