Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 3 May 2021 Written Updates


The scene begins with Anokhi returning to the room and Babli welcomed her. She asks did she talk with everybody. Anokhi says she was unable to get anything. Babli gets some information about designs and Anokhi gets befuddled. Babli focuses at Vineet and Anokhi deals with the circumstance.

Vineet inquires as to whether they will work entire day and not appreciate the excursion. Babli requests that he appreciate while they will examine about work. Vineet goes in and Anokhi asks till when she will lie as they will not have such huge sum. Babli uncovers that she would lie till the following day that they will say the occasion got dropped.


Anokhi concurs with Her. Tej is examining about Shaurya’s wellbeing when Shaan comes there with Aastha. Devi is going to say something while Tej stops her. He requests that she not stop them as their tenacity will increment with all that they does against them. Devi stresses for Aastha to say reality regarding Anokhi.


Shagun opens the entryway for Shaan and Aastha and says that Shaurya has recently rested subsequent to taking medication. Aastha says they will simply stay there and leave subsequent to talking for at some point. Shagun welcomes them in and inquires as to whether she needs anything. Devi imparts her concerns to Shagun while Shagun encourages her to keep controlling reality actually as she did every one of these years. Devi concurs.

Shaurya is getting blazes of Anokhi in his fantasy. Devi says she needs to think something as imagine a scenario where Anokhi returns once more. Shagun says she won’t ever be back as she has indoctrinated her well by saying reality regarding the Reston for their messed up commitment. She says a working class young lady won’t n ever abandon her fantasies.


Devi looks pleased at her. Aastha asks Shaan how could he concur for the commitment. Shaan says he has no clue while Aastha says Shaurya himself had no clue and its wrong. She requests that he not let a similar destiny as theirs rehash for Shaurya. Shaan says he needs equivalent to he don’t need Shaurya to long for Anokhi actually as he accomplishes for her. Shaurya is tuning in to their discussions.

Aastha says its excessive for them to have the story as at that point. Aastha says about Anokhi holding up outside regardless of Devi not giving her access. Shaurya calls Anokhi’s name.


Shaurya inquires as to whether Anokhi came to meet him and Aastha says she did yet Devi didn’t give her access. Shaurya promptly gets off the bed and starts strolling with the assistance of Shaan. Devi gets stunned seeing him and inquires as to whether somebody upset his rest. Shaurya stands up to Devi yet Devi says everything she did was for his government assistance.

Shaurya says he believed all that he said her yet didn’t anticipate that she should do this. Tej chides Aastha for inciting Shaurya notwithstanding him giving her access with no issue.

Shaurya says its not about her but rather about Anokhi. He defies Devi for deceiving him about Anokhi not visiting him. Tej says that she was simply attempting to prevent him from leaving as he was not well. Devi has a go at controlling Shaurya indeed with her enthusiastic talks Alok backs her however Shaurya says he doesn’t know what is good and bad.

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He says that he don’t have a clue why yet he feels they are plotting despite his good faith and that is the explanation they all abruptly shown up Goa to fix his commitment that too without examining with him. He says he concurs that they have right however he do have sentiments and they should’ve thought about it. He’s going to leave when Tej orders him to return in. Shaurya leaves in spite of his notice.

Aastha says Shaan that Shaurya isn’t care for him. Anokhi is attempting to adapt dependent upon her catastrophe. Babli encourages her to meet Shaurya once yet Anokhi says she can’t. She says she once redirected from her way and will not recurrent it as affection isn’t her thing.

Precap : Shaurya disappears and everybody including Anokhi is looking for him.


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