The Episode begins with Devi says I will proceed to go to your folks, they are our uncommon visitors. Shaurya comes and requests that Anokhi sit for quite a while. Rama gives a blessing to Devi. Devi says thanks to her. She says this wasn’t required. Rama says it was kept in the vehicle, we were unable to come with next to nothing. Devi says I trust it’s anything but a blender processor. Shaan takes the blessing.

Babli comes. Shaan says I have no little girl, I realize the guardians purchase a present for their girl by everything that is in them, you’re the best. Babli says you follow great eating routine, we got an air fryer for you, not a blender processor. Devi says how pleasant, it implies you know what’s an air fryer. She goes. Rama asks was it important to say this. Babli says its fine, how are the adornments. Rama says truly pleasant. Shaurya says we will go in front of an audience now. Babli requests that they have food first. He requests that Anokhi have food. He goes. Babli says he cares very much for you, for what reason do you look stressed. Anokhi says I feel frightened, I m stressed that I can abandon Anokhi and just became Mrs. Saberwal, Devi was conversing with a visitor, she needs me to simply perform a bahu’s responsibility and fail to remember my examinations.

Babli says don’t take pressure, Shaurya loves you a great deal, he will take off from the house for the good of you. Anokhi says I don’t need the make a difference to reach to this point that he goes out for the good of I. Babli requests that she grin, today her gathering. Alok says the arrangement will begin now. He says Anokhi will nod off subsequent to having this beverage, Shaurya can’t praise the wedding night with him. Tej says you would feel awkward in a major spot. Rama says we need to leave for Kapurthala. Tej says Babli will likewise go to her Maayka now. Rama says indeed, Anokhi will remain in her Sasural, what will Babli do alone here. Tej says everybody will get some information about her separation. Anokhi says individuals will uphold her knowing the explanation, its not Babli’s mix-up. Aastha says the troubles turned into a strength for a separated from lady. Babli says I need to remain here, I have begun my work here. Anokhi says indeed, I can likewise meet her. Bhalla says fine, on the off chance that you need to remain here, alright, glad at this point. He requests Shaan to take care from Anokhi, she is kiddish. Shaan says Anokhi is my little girl, not bahu, we will take great consideration of her. Bhalla inquires as to whether she commits an error. Tej grins. Rama and Bhalla leave.

Shaurya and Anokhi’s photograph meeting is left. He takes selfies with her. Alok says visitors just left, you lovebirds began having a great time, have some persistence. Shagun gets some R&R for them. Shaurya says pause. He says I heard that affection gets high when we share the beverage from a similar glass. Shagun and Alok says no. Shagun says I endeavored to make the beverages. Shaurya says its best of luck. He takes Anokhi’s beverage. Shagun makes the glass tumble down. Shaurya asks what’s up with you.

Alok says mosquito was there in the glass, Shagun saved you. Shagun says a mosquito ruined the beverage. Aastha says Lord has given us much joy. Shaan says Anokhi is flawless, you addressed me following 25 years due to her, she has become our bahu now. She says I will return to Kapurthala. He inquires as to why, stay today. She says a day will not make any difference, I need to do back, right. He gets pitiful.

She says I m not your significant other at this point. He says I neglected, I felt we are as yet hitched. She cries and leaves. Shaurya and Anokhi come. She says give her some time, she will return for eternity. Shaan grins and asks did you have food, we will leave soon, have food and come. Aastha returns. She says I didn’t understand that its past the point of no return, I will go in the first part of the day. They grin. Aastha says its Anokhi’s first rasoi tomorrow, how is it possible that I would leave that, I will go tomorrow. Shaan says extraordinary. Shagun says Shaurya and Anokhi shouldn’t join together. Alok says I have plan B. Kanchan prods Shaurya. Aastha says let them rest. Kanchan jokes. Anokhi grins. Kanchan inquires as to for what reason are you feeling modest today. Aastha asks Kanchan not to inconvenience them now. Shaurya sees everybody. He asks is everything fine. They show Shagun fallen on the bed. Alok says don’t have the foggiest idea what did she drink in the gathering, she dropped. He requests that Shagun get up. He asks will we let her rest here, who knew Shaurya and Anokhi’s first night will get destroyed.

Anokhi says I need to focus on my tests. Tej asks what’s the need. She says its demon to do a task. He says in our family, ladies don’t do a task after marriage. Read More……