She says you can be the proprietor of this school however it runs on the authorizations of the public authority for the government assistance of general society. Henceforth average person can enter this school too and furthermore the individuals can come here for specialized purposes.

I came here for Anokhi as I heard you individuals denied to give her affirmation in this school. Alok comes there seeing Aastha and says we are not denying this for reasons unknown. She doesn’t have her archives cleared anyway Shaan sir previously chose to pay for her confirmation expenses. Aastha says to Alok I surmise you don’t have any habits about how to converse with a lady and going to the subject of the TC declaration and school expenses then I have those with me and nobody is expected to pay for it.

She draws out the TC from her pack and submits it in the hand of Alok and requests that he concede Anokhi now. He says he actually has an issue in conceding her since they are having question on her character. She is somebody who flees from her own marriage. Aastha says to Vineet you are a legal advisor yourself and you should think about peace. She says on the off chance that you are censuring her for taking the bangles of your significant other, at that point I ought to ask your better half herself what is the genuine case? I surmise you realize that lawfulness esteems proof and onlookers more than all else. He says don’t attempt to affront me then I will show you who I am?

Aastha says to him how will you deal with me in light of the fact that even I understand what sort of an individual you are. Anokhi is a grown-up and getting hitched without her concerned powerfully is a criminal offense. so be glad that she just absconded from her marriage and didn’t discover any FIR against you and her dad. She says and Shaan Sabharwal doesn’t have to pay the expenses of Anokhi in light of the fact that I have that cash with me so we can continue with the confirmation cycle since, supposing that after this you individuals deny to give her affirmation then I need to take the issue to training board which can result in the wiping out of this school enlistment and permit.

Shaurya says to her how could you come inside my school and compromise us like this ? He gives her an open test to would whatever you like to accomplish for you however we won’t concede her in our school. Shaan dissented and says that we will concede Anokhi in light of the fact that she had effectively clear the meeting round and furthermore created such a records the solitary thing that is missing was the TC and she is here with that also then there is no issue in confirmation measure anyway Shaurya is blowing up to see his mom supporting and battling for Anokhi to such an extent. Read More…