Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani:- The episode begins with Reema asking Anokhi if she met Shaurya as he used to be worried. Anokhi thinks that she can’t say whatever about Shaurya as she herself is no longer sure. Reema says about an alternate software in Delhi and receives excited. She asks her to participate. Reema leaves and Ahir calls her asking her to meet him somewhere. Anokhi asks if the entirety is fantastic with Babli and Ahir says she’s is fine.

He says that it’s now not about Babli. Anokhi concurs to come. At Shaurya’s place, Devi and Shagun are excitedly searching at Decorations. Shaurya paid least hobby to their talks while Devi requested Shaurya to assist Shagun. Kanchan complaints about it to Gayathri who says that they ought to be used to it now as in accordance to them they, center category human beings mustn’t have any say in any thing.

Anokhi comes to espresso keep and calls Ahir. She asks the purpose for his guru. Ahir gives her specific colour flora with a that means with it. Anokhi receives taken aback seeing a purple rose and Ahir proposes her. Anokhi drops the flora shocked. She says that she loves Shaurya. Ahir says that she cherished Shaurya however no longer anymore as she herself broke up with him in the front of the household members. Anokhi says that she solely noticed him as her buddy and Ahir right now says that he pinnacle noticed her solely as a buddy and needs to marry her after her studies.

Anokhi shouts at him that she can’t marry now or ever as she is already married to Shaurya. Ahir receives started up while Anokhi suggests him the vermilion she his in her hair. Shagun takes some designs and asks Shaurya to take a seem to be at it. A annoyed Shaurya shouts at her that his marriage is already done. Everyone receives greatly surprised whilst Devi asks how ought to he get married barring informing her. She falls down getting coronary heart attack. It turns out to be Shaurya’s dream.

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Shaurya shouts at Devi that whether or not she had her medication ignoring Shagun completely. Devi says she will and Shaurya shouts at her for now not taking care of herself and maintains blabbering and shouting in order to disguise the secret. He leaves after forcing her to take medicine. Shagun says that it appears Shaurya is no longer an awful lot into the marriage and asks Devi ti assist them spend time together. Devi says she will take care of it.

Anokhi apologizes Ahir however additionally says that she’s no longer sorry for her feelings. Ahir asks Anokhi when did she bought married and asks whether or not she knowledgeable Babli about it. Anokhi says that he’s the first character with whom she shared it. Kitty and Bebo are discussing about the birthday party for his engagement when Shaurya shouts at them and says that there’s no such party. Read More……..