Anokhi stays unaffected and argues to meet him once yet Devi drives her outside and locks the entryway. Anokhi stands determined to not leave the spot until she sees Shaurya. Devi lashes out at Kanchan and cautions her to not be an extension for Shaurya and Anokhi.

Anokhi is figuring out how to enter the spot. She spots Kanchan and Kanchan says she, at the end of the day, is denied to go into Shaurya’s room. She censures Anokhi for not believing Shaurya as it was Devi who made the declaration. Anokhi takes a stab at saying that she doesn’t yet Kanchan hinders and says that she didn’t talk with him in any event, when he attempted to.

Kanchan’s significant other calls her and asks what’s happening with’s she. She lashes out at him for never agreeing with her stance and says that she’s leaving.

Babli hangs tight for Anokhi when she discovers Vineet there. She conceals seeing him and Vineet calls Babli.

Babli herself comes out and welcomes Vineet. Vineet says he’s there to appreciate occasions with her. Babli battles replying. Anokhi is censuring herself for Shaurya’s condition. Reema comes there and Anokhi clarifies whatever occurred. She says that after such a lot of put-downs no young lady will remain there except for she’s here for Shaurya.

Aastha comes there and Anokhi embraces her. Aastha asks how’s Shaurya and Anokhi says she has no clue and isn’t letting her to meet him. Aastha says she came this long to meet him and requests that she go with her. Aastha and Anokhi comes in and Devi gets stunned to see her. Devi stops her and inquires as to for what reason is she there.

Aastha says she’s Shaurya’s mom and is here to meet him. Devi prevents her from meeting Shaurya when Aastha requests that she call Tej. Tej comes there and denies giving her access as well. Aastha says however she had rights on Shaurya she never attempted to utilize it for the family yet she can in any case do it. Tej gives her access while Aastha enters with Anokhi.

Shagun is with Shaurya when Aastha hurries to him. Shagun takes a stab at halting Anokhi. Anokhi actually ventures forward. Aastha asks did they call specialist. She asks Shagun what’s she doing there in the wake of breaking commitment.