Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 27th April 2021 Written Update

The scene begins with Shaurya leaving crushed. Anokhi peeps down and Shaurya takes a gander at her. Babli comes there and Anokhi stows away right away. Devi goes to an agitated Shagun. She says that she never figured he would adore Anokhi over her. Shagun says she heard everything. She says Anokhi indoctrinated him yet Shagun says he isn’t a child to do as such. Devi says interestingly Shaurya questioned her affection for him.

Shagun says she’s certain that Shaurya arranged something unique for Anokhi yet they demolished it. Devi says when Aastha left Shaurya she was unable to see Shaurya enduring in torment. She says she even wished to pardon Aastha and bring her back however Tej said that Shaurya isn’t needing mother yet mother’s affection.


Devi says that Shaurya took a stab at discovering Shagun in Anokhi and began accepting that she’s her objective. She requests that Shagun stand by so Shaurya. She says actually like he picked among Aastha and her, a similar way he needs to pick among Anokhi and her. She says she can never endure Anokhi ever.


Shagun says she will be with Shaurya and will get hitched to him without a doubt. Shagun embraces Devi while Devi thinks in the event that Anokhi enters Shaurya’s life, Aastha will go into the house as well.

Shaurya is riding the vehicle reviewing every one of the episodes. Anokhi got baffled and gets enraged at herself for picking some unacceptable way. She says she came there to study and construct her vocation however is presently totally out of her way. Babli requests that she become the old Nikki who’s sure about whatever she does as opposed to running at the rear of Shaurya. Anokhi concurs.


Shaurya is as yet riding and reviews Anokhi words. Anokhi says all the affection is pointless and from today there’s a bad situation for all such things in her day to day existence neither Shaurya Sabherwal. Simultaneously, Shaurya meets with a mishap.

Kitty and Bebo are with their family prepared for photoshoots. They call it bizarre that they are directing photoshoots without groom. Devi says that Shaurya has gone to meet his companion and will come soon. Kitty Bebo says he should have Bachelorette gathering and they need to hand one as well.


Gayathri reprimands her however Shagun concurs. She goes to Kanchan who’s vexed pretty much every one of the happenings. She continues to call Shaurya when her better half asks what occurred. Kanchan says that Shaurya has gone behind Anokhi and both are not getting the calls. She thinks about imagine a scenario in which something turns out badly. Shaurya comes there injured and falls oblivious. Everybody alarms from for him and Devi yells for specialist.

Specialist checks Shaurya and says that his head is harmed gravely and they need to direct a MRI the following day. He inquires as to whether he recovers cognizance. Gayathri calls Aastha and educates about Shaurya’s mishap. Aastha gets stunned. Read More……..

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