Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 22 April 2021 Episode Written Update

Babli looking for Anokhi. Anokhi is asking everybody for Shaurya when they request that she proceed to check in site seeing spots. Shaurya dreams of Anokhi. Anokhi discovers a robot and starts utilizing it to discover Shaurya. She spots Shaurya and the two of them see one another. Anokhi resents him while Shaurya believes that he’s dreaming again and overlooks her. He gets stunned when Anokhi begins talking and inquires as to whether she’s truly there. He asks why she’s there. Anokhi reproves him for fleeing without illuminating anybody. Shaurya says he didn’t flee yet couldn’t remain there. He inquires as to for what reason did she come there as in any case she doesn’t believe him and will call him controller. Anokhi asks wouldn’t he be able to see her endeavors to come looking for him and her genuine emotions. Anokhi says he posed the solution for his inquiries.

He inquires as to whether she has addresses for his inquiries. Anokhi stammers and inquires as to whether he could say it again what he said the previous evening. She says he talked with such a lot of outrage and she needs to affirm it once. Shaurya says he can’t say it again as its their second. The two of them draws near when Babli’s voice surprised them.


She comes angrily at them and yells at Anokhi asking what’s she doing there. She asks how is it possible that she would come there in isolation following a fellow and asks what befell her. Shaurya has a go at hindering yet Babli yells at him as well.


She inquires as to whether their mom came to Chandigarh looking for her. She asks who got her the ticket and Anokhi says that Kanchan masterminded tickets and everything. Shaurya says thanks to Kanchan as a primary concern. Shaurya has a go at clarifying Babli yet she lashes out at him for calling Anokhi there. Anokhi says he didn’t call her and its her who came looking for him. Babli asks how is it possible that she would leave trust men even subsequent to perceiving how the or father, Vineet and so forth She says she came there to contemplate.

Anokhi argues her to not say awful regarding PS. Babli asks what’s she doing and requests that she come in her detects. Babli says she has a bunches of battle to look in her future and why’s she getting herself trapped in affection. Shaurya says that she is a truly solid headed motivating young lady who can battle anybody. He says he’s not that route as he’s a confounded soul till at some point back however Anokhi transformed him. Babli says he don’t merit Anokhi and Shaurya gets irritated with her assertion. They contend and Babli hauls Anokhi with her regardless of Shaurya’s pleadings.


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Anokhi spots ACP Ahir and asks what’s he doing there. Babli says she carried him with her as she never voyaged alone for such a long time. Anokhi reprimands her as he’s a bustling individual. Ahir says he disappeared for a week and is there ro appreciate Goa. Anokhi says it’s a smart thought as she also has 10 days leave. Babli wishes to remain there however fears for her parents in law. Ahir reminds her about the phony commitment service and requests to utilize it. Anokhi thanks the two of them. Vineet calls Babli and requests how long she’ll be there.


Babli says it will require in any event a week and cuts the call. Anokhi says thanks to Ahir for going with them. Ahir says its not required kinship. Anokhi apologizes Babli and requests that she slap her. Babli says she resents her as she assisted her with getting away from her marriage for her to study and she’s there caught in affection. She says that too somebody who loathed her. Anokhi says he changed a ton and Babli says he would swindle her. Anokhi says she too adored somebody and knows the feeling much improved.

Babli says she needs to concentrate first and afterward can begin to look all starry eyed at. She says she will be the most joyful individual in the event that she gets her affection however she doesn’t need anybody making her extremely upset without any problem. Anokhi says that won’t occur. Shaurya believes that it’s Anokhi’s birthday the following day and plans for an amazement. Read more………

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