Kanak insults Gehna that she became Mrs. Surat with incredible trouble and passed BA, however she got legal documents will every one of her endeavors; she can work again as worker after separation and stay here for food, garments, and safe house. Tia blows up hearing her insults. A man rings chime and says he is from a demonstrating office and brought a displaying task for Mrs. Desai. Kanak flaunts that its for her. Man says its for Mrs Kanak Desai. Tia insults Kanak. Gehna says she needn’t bother with any offer. Man says its a brilliant chance for her and she will be extremely acclaimed. Kanak insults that Gehna has conjugal issues, so she won’t acknowledge the offer. Gehna stops her and sends man away and afterward stands up to Kanak for talking about their own issues with an outsider. Kanak hollers not to vent out her disappointment on her. Gehna says Kanak is baffled all things being equal. Kanak thinks once Anant divorces Gehna and acknowledges Radhika, it will be a greatest discipline for Gehna.

Anant indignantly breaks stuff in Radbhika’s room and discloses to her that Gehna denied to sign legal documents, everybody are against them. He hits his head on divider and gets some information about them and look for separate. Radhika says she educated him, however he denied to separate from her. He says let us run off then as no one will acknowledge their relationship. She says they will effectively follow them out. He says he left his family for her and asks how she can help him. She says she can do anything for him. He takes her to porch and says Gehna and Vinit won’t separate from them, so in the event that they can’t live respectively, they should kick the bucket and join for eternity. She gets apprehensive and asks what is he saying. He says he has taken a choice and when they can’t live respectively, they ought to end it all and join for eternity. He climbs railing and requests that she bounce with him. She eases off and says he can bite the dust, yet she would not like to pass on. He reminds her every one of the occurrences where she attempted to end it all for him and he saved her, asks what issue she needs to bite the dust with him now. She says he will not be there to save her on the off chance that he kicks the bucket and she will be done. He grins and says he needs to hear same from her, she went about as ending it all as she probably was aware he would save him; her acting and lies slaughtered his affection for her. He says he began questioning her when she dropped hot tea on Vinit while she goes about as cherishing Vinit, her phony love is uncovered; she needs to get him some way or another and when Gehna got some answers concerning her goals and attempted to educate him, she secured Gehna a pantry; he discovered her in the act when she went about as harmed however ran towards him regularly; she lied him again that Gehna scratched her hands while he saw herself scratching her hands and accusing Gehna. She embraces him firmly. He drives her away and says Gehna really adores him and his family while Radhika is egotistical and considers just herself, she should gather her sacks and leave quietly.

Radhika harms Anant and figures Anant will understand that he ought to have acknowledged Radhika as opposed to kicking the bucket. Gehna while going with family detects something isn’t right and discloses to Baa that they should arrive at home soon.