They begin getting a charge out of. Kanchan becomes inebriated and battles to keep a hold of herself. Vineet detects her and takes a stab at exploiting her circumstance when Yash surges there. He takes her from Vineet’s holds and blows up at him.

He admonishes Kanchan for drinking so a lot and takes her with him. Babli asks Anokhi the amount she attempted to cause her to comprehend that every one of the men are same. Babli says that her Shaurya is the same as others. Anokhi says that her way is extraordinary.

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Anokhi is certain that she will confront it. Shaurya awakens and discovers that Anokhi came there to visit him. He gets fretful and needs to meet Anokhi and everybody takes a stab at halting him refering to his condition yet he doesn’t tune in. Devi yells that Anokhi didn’t come there.

Anokhi inquires as to whether the facts demonstrate that Shaurya parted ways with Shagun as she needed to assemble her profession and Aastha says yes. Shaurya says Devi that he misled her and chooses to take matters in his grasp. Read More……