The Episode begins with Shaurya protecting Anokhi. Tej says I realize Anokhi is instructed, she does what she needs, it doesn’t imply that she will give an answer to anybody. Anokhi says I will give a similar answer on the off chance that they say something like this once more. Alok says you will make anybody look off-base to make your statement, for what reason would they say wrong, they said you offended them. Anokhi says fine, request them to come in front from me and say it, they can’t lie here, Shagun was likewise there, she had heard it, she can determine the thing they said about Tej and Devi.

Alok says don’t place Shagun in this wreck. Anokhi says I m saying reality, I m not lying, they were offending you both. Shaurya says she did well, I would have done this being in her place. Shaan says she would say right, she doesn’t lie. Tej chides them. He says I need to proceed to apologize to them to keep relations. Anokhi says on the off chance that they can’t keep relations, its pointless to persuade them. Shaurya says she is correct. Devi says it’s anything but right to consistently concur with your better half, when you weren’t there. Shaurya says I m sure that she will not lie, for what reason isn’t Shagun saying anything, she was additionally there. Shaan says leave it, the family members left, we can’t keep everybody glad, its time for gathering, prepare. Shaurya takes Anokhi to their room. She grins seeing the enhancements. He comes there and holds her nearby.

She asks what are you doing here. He says I didn’t do anything yet. He holds her nearby. She says uff, what’s it. He says I love this uff, I came here to say you don’t feel terrible, all will be great with time. She says you confide in me right, I don’t need whatever else, this is sufficient for me. He makes her grin. He says I will disclose to you something, come here. They have a second. Kanchan comes to call him. Anokhi requests that he go. Shaurya prepares and comes in the gathering. Shaan praises Shaurya. Shaurya praises Aastha and embraces her. Kitty and Bebo acclaim Shagun’s lool. Shagun goes to ask Shaurya. Shaurya says you look decent. She asks simply pleasant. He says really, just wonderful… He sees Anokhi and grins.

Aastha praises Anokhi. Devi says Anokhi made Shaurya distraught. Shagun says I will not see this show. Alok says I know what you are going through, I made a decent arrangement. He advises her. Everybody comes in the gathering. Bhalla likes the game plans. Devi says you host not seen such a gathering previously, how might we anticipate that you should orchestrate a gathering like this, we kept it straightforward, else our gatherings are fantastic. Babli and Ahir feel terrible. Ahir says gathering occur here or any royal residence, it doesn’t make any difference, we came here to compliment the husband to be and lady, you made astonishing courses of action, you look great. Babli grins. Tej requests that Bhalla and Rama have food, they will not have the foggiest idea about certain things, have sufficient food, each plate cost is equivalent to their 6months power bill. Rama and Bhalla go. Shagun asks what’s the assurance that this arrangement will work. Alok asks her not to stress. A woman wishes Shaurya and Anokhi. Shaurya goes. The woman asks Anokhi her likely arrangements. Devi says she is our bahu now, being a Saberwal bahu is greater degree. Anokhi takes a gander at her.

Shaurya says all is great, what occurred. Alok says Shagun fell oblivious.