Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 19 March 2021 Written Updates

The scene begins with Shaurya concocting rationalization to remain in the school for one more day. Devi requests that he eat yet he leaves saying he has some work. Alok has a go at filling Denis mind however she criticizes him for calling thugs. Devi says that they will do now things as they would prefer. She finds out if they have found about them from hooligans. Then again, Ahir is disturbing the thug to admit reality.

Ahir calls Anokhi asking her not to stress as he’s attempting to discover reality. Afterward, Shaurya comes to class and discovers Anokhi missing. Everybody welcomes him and he discloses every one of the standards to be continued in the test corridor. A young lady asks some uncertainty yet he’s too lost in Anokhi’s considerations that he was unable to discover. Before long he begins to show individually.


Anokhi enters the class without seeing Shaurya yet before long goes out and enters in the wake of asking consent. He takes a stab at talking with her however Anokhi overlooks him totally.


Shaurya tends to that he had set the inquiries yet won’t be available to address the appropriate responses. Reema offers a farewell bouquet for him for the benefit of the class and Shaurya acknowledges it while Anokhi dismisses her face. Others also welcome him with blossoms and he acknowledges them. He continues to take a gander at Anokhi yet he tracks down her not in any event, taking a gander at him and leaves. Afterward, Anokhi is giving her tests when she discovers not many understudies duplicating including Shaurya’s sister.

Anokhi protests to the invigilator about their cheating yet she chooses not to see it. Anokhi asks how should she not care about it when the difficult work of different understudies and going in channel as they are scoring it with cheating. She requests that Anokhi not show her and requests that she leave presenting her answer papers.


Time is up and the educator begins gathering answer sheets powerfully and looks on. Invigilator leaves saying them that she none should leave the spot before she returns. She says she will be back in the wake of checking who has cheated. When the invigilator leaves, Bebo blames Anokhi for putting them down because of her desire. They wish they could rusticate her when Anokhi says that she, at the end of the day, is leaving the school. They leaves calling her consideration searcher.



Shaurya is going to leave when he reviews his minutes with Anokhi. Tej asks invigilator who has cheated in their group. The invigilator faults Anokhi for bamboozling stunning everybody while Bebo and her posse gets cheerful. They blame Anokhi for cheating and accusing them. Anokhi grumbles that it was her who whined about cheating to invigilator yet she chose to disregard. She argues them to trust her.

Bebo requests that they check her work area and Anokhi concurs. Invigilator checks her work area and discovers answer chits under it. Anokhi gets stunned and says its not hers. Alok requests that invigilator compose a report and get sign from different understudies who saw her cheating. Bebo and her posse consents to sign. Anokhi has a go at arguing however Alok requests that she disclose to Discipline board.

Alok affronts Anokhi calling her miscreant. He says them as well as no other school will acknowledge her. Alok is going to leave and he reviews all that to be his arrangement. Alok calls Devi and illuminates her about Anokhi’s rustication for cheating. Devi values him and asks him not to celebrate so soon as though either Shaan or Aastha or Shaurya has a go at aiding then it’s finished. Alok guarantees her that all will be great. Read More……..

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