Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 18 March 2021 Written Update

The scene begins with Anokhi at police headquarters attempting to recognize the suspects. She reviews the occurrence. Shaurya comes there and Ahir prods him. Shaurya insults him for not calling him for recognizable proof. Ahir says Anokhi is casualty and its casualty’s entitlement to recognize the offender first. He requests that he recognize after Anokhi. Anokhi begins checking while Ahir gets some information about his advantage towards Anokhi. Shaurya gives it back.

Then again, Alok gets the report about ID. Devi finds out about it and gets frightened. Devi requests that he manage it before everybody gets some answers concerning it. Gayathri hears them. Anokhi says that she was unable to distinguish as their countenances are covered. Shaurya gets some information about some other recognizable proof like Mark. Anokhi found a tattoo on his hand.


Ahir requests that the speculates show their hand. One stretches his arm and Anokhi recognizes the tattoo and gets frightened and hyper. Ahir has a go at quieting her and requests that she sit while Shaurya exhaust in envy. Ahir gets some information about the rest and requests that the Constable take the suspect in. Shaurya gets some information about additional examination. He says that he needs to discover the excess utilizing him and guarantees that he’ll fare thee well. He offers water to Anokhi.


Shaurya leaves incapable to bear any longer. Ahir inquires as to whether she’ll stand firm in her choice as numerous young lady grievance at start however then reclaims dreading the general public. Anokhi guarantees that she’ll not. Notwithstanding, it might take effort for her to come as she’s getting back to Kapurthala.

Gayathri discovers Alok strained and gets some information about it. Anyway he gets baffled at her and requests that she leave. Gayathri gets suspicious. Anokhi gets back home and Aastha inquires as to why she’s late. Anokhi says about going to police headquarters for distinguishing proof. Aastha gives her espresso. Anokhi says that they need to leave soon in any case.


Aastha says Anokhi that if she’s in her position she would will not leave to Kapurthala. She says they can’t let Shaurya or some other Sabherwals to impact them. Anokhi reviews Shaurya’s works and Shaurya does likewise. She says that she will leave without a doubt yet not prior to giving her starter tests. She says that she will show Shaurya that he ought to never think any understudy low regardless of in the event that they are tossed out of the class or offended. She needs to demonstrate by turning into a clincher in the test and afterward will leave the school.

Shaurya asks for what reason’s is he so exceptionally furious as its typical for understudies to enter or leave school. Anokhi concentrates late evening and Aastha upholds her. Shaurya believes that Anokhi is difficult yet is a decent understudy. Je feels that he’s liable as a result of it and that’s it. Shaurya imagines that she will not make an ineptitude by leaving SIAC in the wake of getting affirmation with such a lot of battle. Shaurya is lost in considerations and Devi spots it. Anokhi is considering and petitioning section the test with full checks prior to leaving SIAC. Read More……


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