The Episode begins with Devi chastening Anokhi. She says you knew it all, you came now to advise us, did Vineet won’t give your offer, aren’t you embarrassed to come now, we were asking you since 2 days, I realized you are behind his abducting. Aastha says no,

Anokhi isn’t such a young lady. Devi says she talks splashy things, she is a smart, modest and rude young ladies. Anokhi says we shouldn’t sit around idly, its devil to discover him. Ahir says she is correct, its pixie to discover him, Anokhi, where did Vineet keep him. She advises him. Shaan says it implies Shaurya isn’t there, where did the hooligan take him. Ahir says its fine, I will discover him, we will discover a lead from that spot. Tej says I will call police, if it’s not too much trouble, discover Shaurya and rebuff Vineet. Shaan says I will go along. Ahir says Shaan you are concerned,

your family needs you, criminal can call whenever.

Shaan says I will discover Shaurya. Alok says ruffian said he will call tomorrow. Ahir says he can change his arrangement, I would prefer not to face any challenge, ruffian shouldn’t realize that we became more acquainted with this, trust me. Shaan cries and says deal with my child’s wellbeing, I beseech you. Ahir says don’t stress, I will not allow anything to happen to him. Aastha requests Anokhi to take care from herself. Ahir and Anokhi go to the spot. They don’t see anything. Anokhi says the rope had blood, there were numerous things. Ahir says I think its an expert ruffian, he eliminated everything. Anokhi yells to Shaurya. She says I ought to have not left from here, I would have Shaurya. Ahir asks her not to stress, they will discover some piece of information, keep some confidence, don’t stress. Shaurya attempts to free himself. He kicks a tin. Anokhi goes to see. Ahir takes her. She says I can’t quiet down, I love Shaurya, he isn’t here, I m vulnerable and can’t save him, you don’t have the foggiest idea how it feels. Ahir grins and says I just became more acquainted with it now, when the individual you love is concerned, how it feels. She says sorry, I didn’t imply that, don’t feel awful. He says its fine, you return home, I will hang tight for crime scene investigation group, Aastha needs you, you have seen hijacker, its pixie. Babli stops Vineet and gets some information about Shaurya. He blows up and goes. Shagun faults Anokhi and says she is rendering a retribution on you for the affront. Devi blows up. Anokhi says its my error and my obligation, in light of the fact that my relative has done this seizing. Aastha says its not your error, Vineet did the grabbing. Shaan says unusual, she never fouls up, however she assumes a part in it. He gets vexed and goes. Read More…….