Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 16 April 2021 Written Episode Updates

Scene Start with Shagun asking Shaurya that why he’s not getting some data about her. Shaurya says he was unable to mind less her relationship dazzling him. Shaurya says that he just came to give up her commitments. Shagun forces herself on Shaurya saying ‘sorry’ for the past. Shaurya shuts her and shouts at her that he has as of now warm gestures for someone.

Shagun denies believes it as she says he’s not such sort to continue ahead so with no issue. Shaurya asks what’s new with her as she disposed of Cambridge for him. He said demands that she return and spotlight on her examinations and continue forward in her life. Shaurya says that he exploded already and now she’s going over the edge.


Shaurya says even after independent very few people will regardless be buddies and he needs something comparative. He says that it’s her choice absolutely to pick anything she wants to anyway nothing more can happen between them. Shagun couldn’t come in phrasing with reality and says she can’t get by without him. She made a pass at gravitating toward with him when Shaurya stops her advances.


Anokhi rapidly blasts into the spot and is shocked to see their position. Shagun handles the situation like Shaurya was inviting her. Shaurya familiarizes Shagun with Anokhi and both of them invite each other. Shagun leaves for her gathering when Shaurya her to call her Mr. Sabherwal.

Anokhi goes into the room and has a go at conversing with Shaurya about yesterday yet changes the subject recognizing his manner. She finds Shaurya stressed and in like manner leaves the spot dumbfounded. Anokhi calls out for Shagun. Shagun stops and Anokhi hands her assets to Shagun and thinks that she saw her some spot before Shaurya sees them talking with each other and upsets in the center. He eliminates Shagun for introduction.


Shagun familiarizes Shagun with each understudy. Reema resources that Shagun is Shaurya’s ex fiancee. Shagun invites the understudies and Shaurya felt abnormal when she reaches him.

Reema made a pass at saying Anokhi in regards to Shagun yet Shaurya interferes with her. She leaves while Anokhi gets puzzled. Shagun says about herself and SIAC and her relationship with it. Shaurya alerts Shagun indirevtky. Kitty considers Bebo and gives the news by suggestion about Shagun . Gayathri hears their conversations. Babli improves half and relative are returning. She leaves teaching Anokhi. Gayathri gets some data about Shagun’s passageway. They continue to consider whether she really has kind gestures for Shaurya. Kanchan is sure that Shaurya likes Anokhi yet Gayathri meddles.


Devi shouts Kanchan’s name. Babli is searching for a taxi stressed and Ahir comes there. He understands her situation and offers her drop her at home. Babli expresses profound gratitude to him and gets into his vehicle. Read more……

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