Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 14 April 2021 Written Episode Updates

The scene begins with Anokhi showing counterfeit annoyance on Shaurya. The two of them settle the improvement. Anokhi asks how did ACP Ahir let him go. Shaurya apologized Ahir and says that he’s doing it as Anokhi is sitting tight for him to observe Holi. He requests that he not interfere with them. Ahir says has no goal to meddle in their relationship however on the off chance that he believed he’s off-base or Anokhi troubled, he would grab Anokhi from him. Shaurya requests that he continue to dream and wishes him Happy snare. Flashback closes. Shaurya says thanks to Anokhi for the game plans.

Anokhi asks does he comprehend whatever else and Shaurya says in a roundabout way. Anokhi wishes Happy Holi to Anokhi. She’s going to leave when Shaurya stops her. Babli watches them together. Shaurya says that his Holi can’t be cheerful yet as he didn’t have any significant bearing Colors on her and inquires as to whether she’s hanging tight for somebody. Anokhi says even he didn’t matter tones on him and asks something similar. Shaurya needs to apply colors first however Anokhi challenges him that he ought to apply first. The two of them make an arrangement while Anokhi flees.


Babli discovers Anokhi and inquires as to whether still she didn’t click pictures. She says she’s hanging tight for Ps and Babli asks who’s Ps. Anokhi says it’s Shaurya and concocts a rationalization. Babli says she was seeing the adjustment in her from the time Shaurya remained with her at inn. She gets some information about the thing she’s doing. Shaurya welcomes everybody and Devi asks where he was. Shaurya says he was occupied with some work and starts playing Holi with them utilizing blossoms. Anokhi sees Shaurya and redirects Babli’s consideration.


Shaurya and Anokhi begins playing Holi without thinking often about their encompassing. Devi, Gayathri and Kanchan watches it stunned. Devi requests that Shagun come in. Shagun comes there and sees Anokhi and Shaurya playing Holi near one another. Others also gets stunned hearing it. Shagun flees heart broken and Devi follows her. Kanchan gets terrified about Devi seeing Shaurya and Anokhi’s sentiment. Gayathri faults Kanchan for the accident.

Devi asks Shagun where she’s going. Shagun faces Devi about deceiving her. She says she perceived what Shaurya looks like at her and he never took a gander at her with such a lot of adoration. Devi says that Shaurya is simply seeing her in her. Shaurya and Anokhi are moving. Shagun says she offered desires to her with lies and blows up. Devi asks how is it possible that she would contrast herself and a particularly working class young lady. She says that she thought she’s a cutting edge tasteful young lady who gets what she needs. She requests that she get what’s hers at any expense and not quit without battling. While moving, Shaurya discovers Anokhi missing and looks for her. Devi controls Shagun to battle for her affection however Shagun says she didn’t come here for grabbing love. She requests that she get him hitched to the adoration for his life if s her ex truly thinks often about him. She leaves. Read more…….


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