Vineet is disappointed when loan specialists called him. He chooses to call Shaurya’s family when he spots Anokhi and Babli having food. He blows up at their strength and manage them first. He goes there and yells at them. He hauls Babli strongly and Anokhi has a go at halting him. He says that nobody wards a left off young lady and hauls Babli once more. Anokhi showers sauce all over and flees with Babli.

Devi lashes out at Tej for calling police which is the reason the hijacker didn’t call them. Shaan also concurs with her and Tej yells at them to have tolerance. They choose to stand by. Vineet gets Babli and Anokhi and is going to slap Babli when Anokhi stops him. She slaps him hard stunning him.

Anokhi discovers Shaurya’s watch and defies Vineet as she finds out about him capturing Shaurya. She comes to Sabherwals.

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