The tale of Shaurya and Anokhi is pretty exciting. Where Shaurya is a person who feels that women haven’t any profession and dreams. Rather, their process is simplest to do family chores. While the considering Anokhi is absolutely different. According to her, women additionally have the proper to fetch their dream.

And for this reason, she runs farfar from her domestic and springs to Chandigarh in order that she will get an awesome education. And proper there she meets Shaurya. In the tale of Shaurya and Anokhi, it’s miles pretty exciting to peer how their pair will shape whilst their perspectives are so different. But regardless of the target target market is appreciative of this tale. So let’s see what ups and downs took place withinside the lives of Shaurya and Anokhi final week.This week we noticed Shaurya crammed sindoor in Anokhi’s forehead.

Anokhi stayed amazed. Shaurya declared that Anokhi now will become Anokhi Shaurya Sabrewal. Aastha notified Shan on the identical time that Taiji desired to inform him that Taiji has were given Shaurya and Shagun engaged. Shan turned into bowled over to pay attention this. While Anokhi instructed Shaurya that his movements have been incorrect and it’s miles a wedding of coercion. Shaurya did now no longer consider this. He desired to persuade her that he loves her and this is why he has accomplished so. Also, he did now no longer have any hassle together along with her education. Anokhi carried a circumstance that if he confides with Aastha, she can be able to take delivery of this marriage.

Shaurya turned into astonished. Anokhi desired to realize if Shaurya might be capable of try this work. Shaurya conceded.Later, Anokhi were given a name from Ahil who knowledgeable her that Vineet has were given bail and he wanna realize wherein is Babli? Shaurya got here to his residence there. Astha checked out him and puzzled him as to why Shaurya did this. Shaurya turned into amazed to pay attention her question. He attempted to cover his palms packed with vermilion. Ahil noticed that Anokhi is hiding her face. He desired to realize why she is hiding her face. Anokhi did now no longer need to proportion this and she or he requested Ahil to visit Babli as quickly as possible. Shaurya desired to realize from Astha what she turned into looking to say. Astha requested him approximately his engagement.

She desired to realize why Shaurya did this. Shaurya checked out Taiji. Astha requested him if he desires to examine Taiji on the whole thing, is he a child? Ahead, Shaurya knowledgeable Kanchan that he’s married to Anokhi. Kanchan turned into shocked. She requested Shaurya to name Anokhi. But due to the fact Anokhi turned into busy So she turned into now no longer selecting up his phone. There, Vineet turned into approximately to elevate his hand on Babli however simplest then Shaurya got here there. Shaurya got here to realize thru Kanchan that Babli is in trouble.Ahil and Anokhi too arrived there. Ahil requested Vineet if he’s a lawyer. He stated that he ought to take Vineet to prison and educate him advocacy. Ahil arrested him. Babli got here out of Vineet’s residence. She turned into happy.Also, she thanked Shaurya as he helped her. Anokhi introduced that Babli ought to live with him. Shaurya felt that Babli ought to live at Ahil’s residence as she might be secure there. Babli agreed.

Ahil instructed Anokhi that he’s going to drop her on the hostel. But Shaurya stated he goes in the direction of the hostel then he’s going to drop her. Anoki then thanked Shaurya for assisting her sister. Shaurya stated that she is his sister-in-law, so he can simplest try this tons for her. Anokhi requested him to forestall the auto. Shaurya stopped the auto Anokhi attempted to escape from him however Shaurya stopped her. Anokhi turned into now no longer prepared to concentrate to Shaurya. Then Shaurya went to satisfy Astha.AdvertisementThere, Taiji turned into speakme to a Dr. and knowledgeable him that she has transferred the cash to his bank. She additionally thanked him due to the fact her son’s existence has modified due to his lies. Kanchan listened to her. Taiji turned into bowled over to peer Kanchan in the back of her. Kanchan puzzled Taiji as to why she lied to Shaurya.

Taiji knowledgeable that she lied to them due to the fact her fitness is horrific and she or he did now no longer need to trouble own circle of relatives participants so she didn’t inform each person approximately her reports. Kanchan believed that she is lying. There Shaurya got here to satisfy Anokhi. Anokhi requested him what he’s doing here. Shaurya stated that that is the primary night time after their marriage, so how can he live farfar from her. Anokhi’s face grew to become crimson on listening to this. Then He turned into going to inform her approximately Shagun. But Reema got here. Anokhi took Reema outdoor and requested Shaurya to take benefit of this possibility and go away from there. Shaurya turned into unhappy that he couldn’t inform her approximately ShagunThe subsequent day, Ahil requested Anokhi whether or not she will come to satisfy him. Anokhi desired to realize that the whole thing is fine. Ahil stated yes. Then Anokhi went to satisfy Ahil there. Ahil gave her flowers. He additionally found out that he loves Anokhi. Anokhi turned into bowled over to pay attention this. She stated that she loves Shaurya. Ahil believed that now that they have got had a breakup, then she will now provide him a chance. But Anokhi instructed him that she couldn’t take delivery of Ahil as she is married. There Shagun desired to reveal Shaurya a few clothes. Shaurya were given uncomfortable and declared that he’s going to now no longer marry her as he’s married. Then he discerned that Taiji’s fitness has worsened. But all this turned into Shaurya’s dream. Anokhi requested Ahil now no longer to inform this mystery to each person. Ahil shook his head in yes. Anokhi stated way to him. Shaurya entered college. He concept approximately whilst the drama of his engagement will end. That turned into whilst he observed Anokhi. He gave her a message. Which she ignored. Shaurya remained bowled over. He went to Anokhi and known as her to his cabin. Anokhi went there and requested why he known as her here. Shaurya attempted to get romantic with Anokhi. But she instructed him now no longer to accomplish that as that is towards the rules. Shagun got here there and requested Shaurya to inform Anokhi the truth. But he stated no. There Anokhi turned into prepared to visit Delhi and she or he even texted Shaurya that he goes to overlook her.