Scene begins with Harman taking endowments from Preeto and Harak. They don’t give him significance. He leaves upset. Harak asks Saumya for what reason did you shroud something major? Saumya says all of you are going through such a lot of agony at the present time, I would not like to help you to remember that sickening episode of Harman ji’s demise. All of you began living cheerfully once more, how is it possible that I would demolish your satisfaction by lying. Mahi insults Saumya saying such a busybody you are. You are such a liar. Preeto stops Mahi saying quit accusing Saumya. Mahi says to Preeto simply think how that Harman got such a lot of data about family? It implies Saumya enlightened him regarding us. Think carefully this Saumya is a con artist. Harman quiets Mahi down.

Arjun tells Kamini kindly allow me one opportunity, I changed myself entirely. I don’t perpetrate wrongdoing like previously. Nayan slaps Arjun and says disregard us, you double-crossed Simran and demolished her life. Simran is pregnant. Arjun gets astonished and asks Simran is it valid? Virat stops him. Simran says its my kid as it were. Arjun says I need to cry holding my youngster. Kindly permit me.Virat says I am calm in view of Kamini else I would have executed you. He advises Arjun to leave.

Harman advises Mahi to not abuse Saumya. Harman tells Mahi, Saumya consistently lived for other people. Dislike you who has consistently been narrow minded. He further says you exist on account of me here however this house isn’t anything without Saumya’s commitment. Harman again attempts to converse with Harak however Saumya stops him saying what would you like to demonstrate by taking represent me? You want to win my family’s trust again and can abuse their feelings? Yet, I will not allow you to do as such. Simply leave. Saumya holds Harman’s hand and tosses him out.

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Simran converses with Parmeet about her misfortune. How Arjun miscreant on her and her better half likewise left her on account of self image. Presently Arjun is back again to inconvenience her. Simran says its the karma of mine. Heer accomplished such a great deal for me and she is enduring a direct result of us. That is the reason I am getting endured also. Simran cries. Parmeet embraces her and consoles her. She says Mahi doesn’t have to take pressure. Her mom is there to deal with everything. Simran will not endure any longer.

Saumya takes Harman outside and tosses his pack at him. Saumya says I said as of now I would prefer not to tune in to your story. Presently leave without blathering. On the off chance that you come here again I swear on Harman ji I will slaughter you. Saumya begins strolling and Harman tracks down an electric wire hanging above Saumya. Which is charged. Harman sees it and hurries to save Saumya. He yells Gulabo and pushes her. Yet, he gets electric stun and is delivered oblivious. Saumya is left stunned and gets a stick. She hits the wire and thinks how Harman took a chance with his life to save her. She recalls everything. Their flashbacks are appeared. Saumya believes there’s just a single individual who can forfeit his life for me. That is Harman Ji. Saumya understands that the last is Harman ji not a faker. She attempts to awaken him. Read More…..