Parmeet attempts to call Sant with the goal that he can capture Rohan for abusive behavior at home charge. Virat stops her idiom dont confuse things more. Parmeet asks Simran does she need to remain with Rohan? Simran says no. Parmeet proposes her to separate from Rohan.

Simran concurs and will not tune in to Virat. Virat says she ought not lose Rohan. Simran says its her life she understands what she is doing. Kamini and Nayan inquire as to whether they can help her. Virat advises them to avoid the matter.

Mahi look through Harman’s room and discovers something. She shows it to Preeto and Preeto gets stunned seeing those. Saumya comes clean with Harman that she can’t cover up any longer, she will uncover his reality and family will toss him out of the house. Harman grins. Read More…….