Harman doesnt let Saumya open the entryway. Harman advises Saumya to cover up. He puts her cabinet saying don’t come out until I advise you. Harak continues to thump. Harman turns on the light and opens the window. Harak breaks the entryway and sees Harman is lying on ground. Harak attempts to awaken him and sprinkles water all over. Harman begins acting that somebody hit him and he fell oblivious. Mahi ponders where is Saumya.

Preeto says Mahi saw somebody has gone into in Harman’s room that is the reason they were concerned. Mahi questions Saumya can be inside the cabinet. She attempts to open it and Saumya gets frightened. Preeto advises Mahi to make kadha for Harman. Mahi leaves. Harman thanks everybody for saving him. Saumya thinks Harman is dramebaz.

Raavi sees the window is open. Mahi offers kadha to Harman. Harman advises Mahi not to stress as criminal ran off. Mahi figures she will not allow Harman and Saumya to win. Mahi asks where is Saumya. For what reason hasn’t she come out after all the confusion. Is it accurate to say that she is in harm’s way? Harman and Saumya get stunned. Read More…..