Scene begins with Saumya calling somebody and she requests help. Virat attempts to persuade Rohan saying he is coming clean just, after they fell into stream at that point subsequent to acquiring cognizance Heer chose to leave him out of nowhere. Rohan holds Virat’s collar and says I don’t trust you.

Virat says what you need me to do so you can confide in me. Fate needed that is the reason Heer landed position in my home once more. Rohan gets frantic at Virat saying how might you extend to Heer employment opportunity in that house where she has the option to remain. Don’t you have disgrace? Virat remains calm. Simran attempts to converse with Rohan yet Rohan says with regards to Heer I become psycho as Heer matters to me more than anything. He pushes Virat and Virat gets injured. Rohan says he will not acknowledge Simran if Virat won’t acknowledge Heer. Simran blows up and leaves with Virat saying she likewise doesn’t have any desire to remain with Rohan.

Harman gab with relatives and Harak giggles wholeheartedly. Doorbell rings and two officials from wrongdoing branch show Harman’s photograph to Harak saying they need to converse with him. Harak reveals to Harman they need to converse with him. One official hauls Harman with him. Preeto attempts to stop them yet Saumya says to Preeto that let them examine. They have a few verifications against Harman without a doubt. Officials tell everybody that Harman is extortion and he misdirects others to plunder cash from them. Its his calling and he conned numerous individuals. Harman asks them at that point show me the records of my wrongdoing, where’s the capture warrant? Tell about those families whom I hoodwinked.

Controller says you will become acquainted with in police headquarters. Harak stops them saying Harman is our child and individuals know me here, I am taking the assurance of Harman’s genuineness. Harman takes a gander at Saumya and grins. Harman begins tallying and Preeto Raavi, Harak all help Harman. Harak says why Harman is tallying out of nowhere. Harman says I am tallying votes to realize who upholds me. Saumya attempts to put Harman’s validity down. She reveals to Harak that he has no legitimate data about Harman why is he taking the assurance. They ought not meddle during the examination. Harman says to Saumya do you have assurance of these officials?

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As they came with no warrant and with no Uniform. Mahi ponders she thought Saumya loves Harman yet she is attempting to get him captured. Harak is going to call the official. Harman reveals to Saumya presently you’ll be called liar by your family. Saumya gets anxious. Harman prevents Harak from calling magistrate and he takes those phony officials outside saying they misjudged him perhaps. Harak advises Saumya to go with Harman.

Officials disclose to Saumya that they might have lost their employment in view of her. Saumya will not include them in her family matter further. Harman asks Saumya so that was your arrangement to trap me? Read More…….