Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 24th March 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Mahi supporting Preeto. Rohan discloses to Harak that they should stop an objection against Angel. Preeto says she will likewise go. Harak says to examiner for what reason wouldn’t he be able to record grumbling? Daljeet says Angel is in lock up from yesterday. How might she assault? Sant cautions Angel saying in the event that I become more acquainted with that you are engaged with this, I will not extra you. Sant advises Daljeet to keep eyes on Angel. Holy messenger gets bail and leaves from that point.

Preeto sees Saumya and Heer’s photograph. She gets passionate. Parmeet misses Virat. Gurwindar attempts to reassure her. Parmeet says I lost my child for eternity. In the event that we would acknowledge Heer, Virat would have been alive. Gurwindar says Virat will be back soon. Nothing happened to him. Parmeet cries a ton.

Molkki 25 March 2021 Written Updates

Daljeet faults Angel. He says she didn’t follow what she said. Murdering Virat was not a piece of their arrangement. He said Angel will execute Heer and consequently Daljeet will give Angel assurance. Holy messenger says Virat was meddling a great deal. That is the reason she needed to execute him. Heavenly messenger undermines him saying don’t drive me crazy else I’ll uncover your fact. She says you will get all the property of your dad. You ought to be upbeat. She advises him to give her a spotless chit. Heavenly messenger says now noone can prevent her from turning out to be master mama.


Preeto sees rope in room. Mallika goes to Preeto’s room to take care of her. Before she could enter, Preeto shuts the entryway. Preeto attempts to end it all. Mallika gets stunned seeing that. She calls everybody. Mallika yells don’t do it. Preeto hangs and Rohan Harak break the entryway. They get her down. Preeto says let me be. I would prefer not to live. I lost all expectation.

Mallika says you can’t surrender trust this way. Trust me. Sit tight for my return. Till then you will not mischief yourself. Rohan stops Mallika. He asks where are you going? I’m tired at this point. Mallika says she is expecting something. On the off chance that she becomes effective all will be great in this house. Somebody notices them.


Heavenly messenger prepares like master mama. Heavenly messenger’s covert operative educates Angel about Mallika’s activity. Holy messenger says hijack Mallika. Else she will annihilate my arranging. Mallika sees Angel’s thugs and starts running. Holy messenger takes part in the Puja. Holy messenger accomplices acclaim Angel’s excellence. Mallika gets into a transport and leaves from that point concealing her face. Holy messenger gets a call from her hooligan. He says Mallika has gone. Holy messenger says discover her. She thinks Mallika is new peril for her. She can’t let her be. Mallika needs to kick the bucket also.

Mallika emerges from transport. Thugs again follow her. Puja begins. Kinnars begin applauding. Mallika runs from the hooligans. She tumbles down. She some way or another gets up and again runs. Minister announces Angel is currently new Guru Mata of Kinnar people group. One kinnar says this shouldn’t have occurred. Before Angel, Mallika, Saumya took master Mata’s position. They are unadulterated hearted not Angel. Saumya does Puja of matarani and grins.


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