Rohan considers advising Preeto about Heer yet he believes he should know first the thing Virat is intending to do. Virat accompanies Simran there. Rohan gets stunned seeing them. Harman discloses to Saumya that you didn’t get me captured in light of the fact that your heart realizes I am Harman.

Saumya yells at Harman don’t tell exactly the same thing once more. Harman says he will not leave his family, he will do whatever it takes not to substantiate himself also. He understands what’s his fact and that is sufficient for him. He isn’t terrified of Police.

Saumya says you’ll bear the results. Saumya gets stunned seeing Mahi there. Mahi says I trust I didn’t upset both of you. Mahi says Saumya can remain close to Harman’s space to invest energy with thim. Harman insults Mahi saying just Mahi really focuses on Saumya.

She assists her with excursion all the time actually like the previous evening she helped Saumya. Saumya reveals to Mahi you meddle in everybody’s very own life that is the reason family insults you constantly. Mahi considers uncovering Saumya and Harman. Read More…….