Today’s episode begins with Gurvinder. Jo asks Heer if she is okay and she brings black coffee, so she starts feeling better. She then shows that bottle to her sister-in-law who says that it has a bad smell. Sher remembers that when she went to him, he went to Virat Chowk. She walks into his room and sees him sleeping there.

He gets up from there and he starts saying that he has got this bottle of breach from near the table. Virat says that he has no idea what has happened. He will know about it. It asks him if he has done this, Virat says that he did not do it. She puts her hand on her head and tells him to tell now. And Virat says that do you think I can do this? She says that her mind looks like this but her heart does not accept it.

Next, when she starts cooking, she calls her daughter-in-law, Virat asks her to leave from there and asks Hero only to say whether he has done this or not. Virat says that yes I have done this and then asks why you have done this. Virat tells Heer that he has done this due to the conditions of Preeto aunty. She then says that he let her be humiliated in public, Preeto’s situation is more important that he was ready to die to get her. And after marriage, he is behaving in a way that Virat should also accept.

Heer tells Virat that he has won all the exams to win him but he has given the test of faith. Virat is shocked to hear that he does not understand what answer he should give. She walks over to leave her hand. The family members hear his voice and come there. Baksh asks Virat to leave Heer’s hand. And he says that the husband does not hold the wife’s hand like this. Then she starts asking Virat to explain what he has not spoken against Preeto and Poorna.

Parmeet thinks that it is asking the right questions, there seems to be some problem. Virat starts running on his head again and forcefully withdraws his hand. Heer remembers her old moments spent with Virat and she starts crying and I leave the room. Parmeet thinks that there will be a big reason behind why Virat will humiliate Heer.

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Hair goes out to the temple and starts asking God why 2 people who love him the most are hurting him, Virat came into his life but he did not want to be her husband. Wish to find Satya, she has not accepted defeat.

Virat sits in the garden, takes this dinner plate and comes there and she says that she has not eaten food. He says that I am not hungry.