Next we see that Parmeet hit her with a taunt to insult her. After this, Bua ji says that you want to make her your daughter. She then tells him that Gurvinder Bhabhi has not done this at all.

And then her aunt says that Gurvinder has not even done what she really wanted to do. Then we see that Parmeet has said that I do not know whether she wants to be our daughter or not but her Price is absolutely wrong and she wants to be our daughter.

After that Gurvinder would have given biscuits to Parmeet. Heer then gets a bottle containing the smell of cannabis. After that he asked Virat if he had added cannabis to his drink. Virat says that yes I have done it. Only after that, angrily asked that why did you do this? But I do not reply to her and say leave the old hand and let me go from here.