The episode begins with Soham, who says that his dadu can be implicated in robbery and he can be put in jail. Sher says that if Virat commits a crime, he will shoot himself. But he has complete confidence in his greatness that he cannot do any wrong. Preeto says that Virat can make mistakes. Likewise, literature takes the room. Preeto calls Harkat to check whether it is right or wrong.

Virat and Harak drink alcohol and have fun. Virat asks Dadu what he has explained to him to handle Heer. Asks Harak to ask his question and if he fails to answer then he will not see the face of it again. Harak tells Virat that Heer is the eunuch, that’s the problem. Virat says that love is between two souls. That is why not everyone has problems, rather he is the solution to all his problems. Harak asks Virat that if he wants to know the parents in the time to come, then he will not be able to find out the truth and can disturb the diamond. Similarly, Virat and Harak interact with each other.

Next you will see that Virat starts dreaming of Heer and dances with him. In the same way, when her sleep opens, she disappears. He says it was a dream.

Today today you will see that Preeto asks Harak what was the need to drink with Virat at night. He says that he was talking about Harmal. Preeto says that anyone can do anything in her name Harman talks about Harman and Preeto also listens to him and weeps. Virat says that I feel that his love is selfish and when will he understand his true love.

When Harak starts crying in memory of Harman, the hero comes to him. Once Preet sees everything, Hour calls Mallika. Similarly, the dreams of Virat and Mahi awake from morning. I am going to go to my in-law’s house, if we get up late, we will send it back from my mother-in-law to say that her mother-in-law will listen to her. Preeto also comes there and then says that her mother is a rash, everyone has to be afraid of her. Next you will see, then asks Air to stay with him for Mesha. Heyer says that if I use my bashful reaction to get married then I can make her happy instead of crying, that’s how the episode ends.