Preeto goes to Saya and says my girl had just one dream, to turn into a lady. She says her fantasy satisfied with her marriage with Virat, yet she was unable to live as a wedded lady because of her character. She says let her go from this world as the wedded lady. She says the story what began with your revile, finished on this fire. She says my Heer… Saya reviled Preeto to experience a similar destiny as them. She feels terrible.

Preeto says my little girl… .Harak Singh holds Preeto. Rohan requests that Saya take a gander at Virat once and says he left living to get her, however she has left him and everybody. He says wouldn’t you say that Virat has the option to bid farewell to her once and for all. Veeran says we as a whole adored her so much and that person named his life for her. He requests that she let him do the last rituals. Harak Singh likewise requests that she let it occur. Chameli reveals to Saya that Heer remained as their great girl, so let them do the last ceremonies of Heer. Virat reviews Heer telling that she won’t ever leave him. He holds the firestick and offers fire to the body. Shanno grins, while everybody cries. Preeto cries severely. Harak Singh requests that she quit crying.

The ringer rings in the sanctuary. Heer is demonstrated remaining far and seeing everybody grieving and weeping for her demise, while Virat still in stun. She says don’t feel terrible that I have gone, I was a thistle in everybody’s neck and now I am no more. She says everybody will fail to remember this torment gradually.

Everybody leaves from that point. Virat is as yet standing. Heer says I passed on, with the goal that you can live. She says it will be acceptable in the event that you don’t come to think about how it occurred? She says she will petition Mata Rani to make her total in next birth, requests that he be upbeat and says I will be glad to see you cheerful. She cries and strolls back. Naseeba tune plays once more. Virat begins strolling from that point. Heer is strolling barefeet. They stroll inverse way. Virat doesn’t see her and stroll in stun. Read More….