Next we see that Haar is asking him to take care of his language and says that he should be more furious, then he says that do you know who your father was in your situation? Look at him. Then he says that he is with the same heart and says that he is more confident than his blood that she is my grandson and I agree with his decision. Then I ask who is against him, he tells that I don’t know that.

Next we see that I tell you that you can be drunk and promise Virat. He says that Rona has been burdened by his humans, then Heer tells that Rohan Veer has given his Has left Nanu’s wealth and luxury life and has done us a great favor, then says that Gulab has left Rohan to trust him and then tells that he has only Rohan left after Rose and if he too If she is not a part of the house, who will be a part of her family,

she asks us how she can say this and tells that Rohan is an elder son in her house, just like an elder daughter is Then he says that from now on nobody will even raise my hand on Rohan Veer, after that Shakti saves a song and she puts her head on his shoulder and Rohan leaves from there.