Next we see that you are free from everyone, what did Virat mix in alcohol that he has agreed to marry. He then says that Heer is the eunuch and she cannot marry. He knows what happened to Soumya after marriage. Then the difference says that Virat will stand by Heer as Harman always supported Saumya again. Preeta says that she did not allow this marriage to happen.

Next we see that she starts to step and is about to fall, Virat grabs her right there and saves her. They stare at each other and do the same plate saying that she starts a new life with him. Is very excited for.

Shakti 21 October 2020 Written Update

Next we see that Hero asks why I will cancel the marriage if she does not ask for the child, after that Virat says that I wish that I want to roam around the world, so he is also on the world tour Will go and adopt a child, then asks what will be adopted if she is there. Virat says that she is careless and she will be fat to be pregnant. She has every heart, yet she keeps going in. If not, then Dadu will come out.