Heavenly messenger consents to Harak Singh’s truism and discloses to Virat that she is figuring what will she get by slaughtering Chacha ji. She requests that he bring wrap and medication for him. She requests that he go quick and come quick. Virat strolls towards the entryway and takes a gander at Preeto. Shakti melody plays…

..Simran attempts to pick the bits of her telephone when Daljeet comes and keeps his foot on it. Simran takes a gander at him.

Holy messenger asks Harak Singh and Preeto, on the off chance that they are cheerful. She requests that the thugs bring Mahi and Veeran out to satisfy them as well. Virat is strolling towards the entryway and opens it. All at once he sees Daljeet bringing Simran there, and keeping firearm on her.

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He gets stunned. Daljeet asks where are you going? Virat says clinical store. Daljeet requests that he appeal to God for their life and requests that he close the entryway and get inside. Virat shuts the entryway. The hooligans bring Veeran and Mahi there. Daljeet brings Simran there. Everybody is stunned to see him pointing firearm at her. Harak Singh prevents Preeto from going to her. Preeto thinks Simran was with Rohan, how did Daljeet bring her here? Read More…..