The Episode begins offevolved with Balwinder telling that the birthday birthday celebration is dull as there’s no party and dance. Raavi says party will happen. Soumya says that is birthday birthday celebration is saved in your happiness, I will activate the music. She sings and brings wine for Balwinder. She handover the glass in Raavi’s hand. Raavi makes Balwinder have the drink. Soumya dances and holds Raavi’s hand. Raavi dance too. She once more offers a drink to Balwinder at the same time as dancing. Soumya offers drink to Harman at the same time as dancing. Harman offers glass to Balwinder. Balwinder liquids and is set to fall. Soumya stops dancing. Raavi holds Balwinder. Balwinder appreciates Soumya for her dance. Raavi asks Balwinder to return back to room and relaxation for sometime. He says huge humans are here, I shall meet them and make touch for the business. Raavi says that’s

why I am pronouncing, you shall now no longer meet them on this circumstance and asks him to reflect onconsideration on his reputation. Balwinder says you’re proper, splendor with brains.
Daljeet’s goons carry Gitu and her father to a few region and lock them. Virat involves Gurwinder’s room and asks him to drink tea. Daljeet refuses. He receives a name from the goon and pretends, pronouncing he’s sitting together along with his unwell wife. Virat asks him to head and do the work, says he can be with Bhabhi. Daljeet smiles and is going.

Raavi asks Balwinder to offer her a gift. He asks what she wants? Raavi says I need you to call this residence on my call. He asks why do you need this residence. Soumya is status out and listening to them. Raavi tells Balwinder that he is aware of how she became handled while he became now no longer here, and tells that everybody will admire her, if she owns this residence. Soumya symptoms and symptoms her to offer him water. Balwinder liquids water while Raavi liquids. Raavi asks him to assume that in the event that they record a case in opposition to them, then they could lose everything, however if the residence is on her call then they may have it atleast. Balwinder says you’re proper, and says you’ve got got usually supported me. He calls Lawyer and asks him to make the residence papers, and call the possession on his wife’s call. Raavi hugs him and says I love you. Soumya involves Harman and tells that Balwinder agreed. Harman asks if we’re doing the proper thing. Soumya says yes, you’re combating in your rights.

Heer follows Daljeet and sees him getting down the car. Daljeet turns and appears back. Heer hides. Daljeet is going within the godown. The Lawyer comes there and asks approximately Balwinder. Soumya asks him to include them.

In the room, Harman asks Lawyer to offer the papers. Lawyer says papers are confidential. He can best supply to Balwinder. Soumya tells Lawyer that he’s with Harak Singh and Harman Singh given that years, and asks him to assume wherein he will be loyal? Lawyer offers the papers. Harman sticks the POA papers beneathneath it. Lawyer asks Harman what’s he doing? Harman asks Lawyer to assist the truth. Lawyer is going to Balwinder and asks him to signal the residence papers, says he’ll cope with everything. Balwinder exams the papers and unearths POA papers stick beneathneath it. He questions the lawyer. Lawyer says I will come later and springs down running. He tells Harman that Balwinder got here to recognise everything. He runs out. Raavi asks Balwinder to hear. Balwinder says you betrayed me and slaps her once more and once more. Raavi falls on Harman and Soumya who had simply come. Harman beats Balwinder for elevating his hand on Raavi. He brings him downstairs at the same time as beating him. Balwinder asks visitors to look that they attempted to grab his assets from him. Veeran says you’re a betrayal and snatched our assets. Balwinder says I will now no longer depart you today. Veeran asks Harman to conquer him.

Preeto involves Guru and Chameli and asks approximately Gitu. They inform that they couldn’t discover her. She asks wherein is Heer? Chameli says don’t recognise. Preeto unearths her telecellsmartphone off and calls Virat, however his telecellsmartphone is in silent mode. Balwinder involves his room and takes the gun. He objectives gun at Harman and kicks him. He is set to shoot him. Harman asks him to listen. Balwinder comes out. Harman asks him to listen. Soumya and Raavi are shocked. Harman asks him to maintain his gun down. Balwinder says you’re leaping much, I will cease this remember today.