The Episode begins with Simran coming to Virat and says she needs to converse with him. Virat says even I need to converse with you. He takes her with him. Daljeet gets Angel’s call. He goes to room. Holy messenger inquires as to why you are not picking my call. Daljeet requests that what do, will I pick call infront of everybody and say you hey. Holy messenger requests that he emerge from house and comes to pool side. He comes out and inquires as to for what reason did she go to the Police house, and says Police is looking through you. Holy messenger says I assumed all your fault on myself so you can emerge from prison. She says she needs to go tomorrow to unfamiliar and gets some information about her visa. He says your visa will be made by tomorrow. She gets some information about Heer? Daljeet says he got Heer hijacked from precious stone nursery, work is finished. Heavenly messenger chuckles and asks him not to execute Heer. She says I will take

Heer with me to unfamiliar and afterward I will give her such a daily existence that she will lament on her introduction to the world. She did Heer’s sanskar and so forth She says I will slaughter Soumya, yet before that I will murder her Harman ji, she will realize what is the aftereffect of animosity with me. Daljeet requests that she go else somebody may see. Heavenly messenger says alright, complete my visa. Daljeet says alright.

A few hooligans come to Harman and takes off dark fabric from over his head. They remove the fabric from his mouth. Harman cautions them and gets some information about Soumya. The thug tells that they will leave him following 2 days and requests that he stay quiet till at that point. Harman looks irate. Virat is stunned to realize that Preeto’s family is kept prisoner, while Soumya is captured and Harman is back. Virat says I am going there and tells that he is dubious that Daljeet is with Angel. He says everything is associated, and shows Heer’s hoop which is found in the precious stone nursery. He reviews Heer telling that she will meet them there. He says first I thought she is furious with me and that is the reason didn’t meet me, however when I met Preeto, I got sure. He says it’s anything but a fortuitous event. Simran says I will advise Rohan. Virat says no, tells that it tends to be risky for Heer. He says he is going to Preeto’s farmhouse and requests that she keep him refreshed about here. Simran says alright.

Holy messenger takes a gander at the clock and figures Preeto haven’t come till now, it is 3 pm. She requests that thugs carry Veeran and thinks to murder him. Harak Singh asks Veeran not to stress and requests that Mahi welcome a fabric to tie on his draining leg. Mahi ties a fabric on his draining leg. The hooligans come there and take Veeran out coercively. Harak Singh requests that they tune in. He battles with them. They take Harak Singh and Mahi out. They push Veeran on the floor. Heavenly messenger points firearm at Mahi. Harak Singh gets over the hooligans’ and rushes to Veeran, says nothing will happen to you. Heavenly messenger requests that hooligans limit his options. They limit Harak Singh’s options. Heavenly messenger acts like Veeran and inquires as to whether he is feeling torment. Read More………….