Shakti 17 January 2021 Written Update

Virat discloses to Harak Singh, Preeto and Rohan that Heer boasts, presently he is ongoing to her discussions and requests that they return home. They go to go. Heavenly attendant requests that Heer prepare and go to get nek. Daljeet hears them and thinks to execute Heer in the evening. Parmeet calls Virat and requests that he return home at night. Virat advises that he needs to light the oven now and advises that he needs to deal with everything as his significant other is a kinnar.

He closes the call. Later in the first part of the day, the men ask Virat for what reason his shop is by all accounts broken. Virat tells verse. They like him. Shyam requests that Apsara give her studs. Heer reviews Virat making her wear it and takes it out. Tu howdy mera Khuda plays… … Shyam discloses to Virat that they are glad to see his mental fortitude after his shop is broken. He says these studs are sent by our Apsara as favors.


Tu hello mera Khuda plays… Virat stops Shyam and says I am understanding what are you doing and tells me that no one can isolate Heer and me. Shyam says I am separated from everyone else enough to deal with you. He says you need to fail to remember Apsara as she is our own now, our dear companion. During Lohri festivities, Daljeet seizes Heer and attempts to consume her alive in Angel’s home. Read More…


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