Next you will see that when Rati is completely surprised to see Koti and asks her why she has jumped out of the kitchen which is getting too wet. Koti pretends that she can fix the tap At that time, Dadisa comes there and gives Rati some work.

Preeti asks Kothi what she is making and while replying to her, Koti says that she cannot tell the video all this while Preeta tells her that she will meet the turmeric ceremony and then can talk about it there again Koti says that he does not know how to wear a dhoti. We then see that he says that is why Preeti shows him dressed in a video call.

Koti complies with what he says and wears a dhoti when Baldev goes there with the officer while the father immediately cuts off the call. While giving Kiran, the incident starts, while Preeta and Koti greet the note, we give that Kothi also decides to tell Preeta more truth, Preity keeps working while Koti comes to her but the women there turmeric The powder began to look up and they were missed by Preeta as all the women were covered with faces and wearing a sari that did not identify.

Then we see that he recognizes her and he takes her to a corner and asks her He says that he and his wife do not live together. He continues that he has no contact with her. He then apologizes to Preeta and he says take care what the world is thinking about him because he only thinks for her What matters is she further asks him to say something but at that time she sees Preeti with Bua Sa and is completely surprised when the woman opens her face to be Kusum.