Scene begins with KT saying to Baldev that everybody have distinctive prospectives and takes out his jeans to wear in haldi while Baldev says kt can’t wear pants helping him to remember his arrangement that all mens will wear same outfit alongside women wearing same sarees and further offers dhoti to KT requesting that he wear, KT says he doesn’t have a clue how to wrap dhoti while Baldev tell him the best way to do it.

Women were adulating Preeti for the plans while she says it’s her work to make family glad and function critical, Preeti opens her PC to work while town women inquires as to whether she realizes how to utilize it?

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To which Preeti says that she figured out how to work it as of late just while Bua sa request that Preeti show her likewise, kusum advises about preeti’s office to which Suman says that preeti had done a ton of things subsequent to getting down to business and gets miserable about herself not having the option to move from town life to which Preeti says that by sending her children to concentrate in abroad suman have just done an incredible thing and further proceeds with that she herself began doing these things just to get her poise and regard back and now is glad that she got it, around then Rati tosses a vessel down upsetting their discussions and says it occurred unintentionally to which Bua sa gestures and request that her get it.

KT battles to wear dhoti while Bua sa comes there and chuckles seeing him, she at that point says that she needs to astonish Preeti and approach him to compose a discourse for her as she needs to respect Preeti, kt gets upbeat and request that her determine what she needs to state in discourse so he can point everything pleasantly, Bua dadi begins applauding preeti’s tendency and qualities, while KT feels regretful about concealing the reality of his marriage life from preeti.

Rati insults that Kt is the supervisor of Shaadi mubarak not preeti, to which kusum says in association noone is more noteworthy or lesser then other, in the event that KT is cerebrum, at that point Preeti is heart of Shaadi mubarak. Suman get some information about her experience of working with KT, to which Preeti grins and educates all the beneficial things regarding his character and further says how great child, spouse, father and accomplice he is, while KT hears it taking cover behind the entryway, Suman inquire as to whether she had met his better half?

To which Preeti denies saying they his significant other lives in London alongside her childrens so she havent met her. Kusum tells how devastated she was when KT got hitched however in the wake of seeing his upbeat face she some way or another supported herself, she further says that kt cherishes his significant other to a degree, Kt figures how he doesn’t care for on the off chance that anybody misleads him and here he just deceived Preeti.

Around then Preeti gets a call from cook, she moves to see him and Kt follows her, she goes to kitchen to educate the cook while he leaves, Preeti sees the faucet water spilling and attempts to fix it, kT comes before her and says he needs to disclose to her something, Preeti gets strained and request that he leave yet he didn’t obliged, in this cycle the tap comes out and water sprinkled making Preeti-Kt doused, kt approaches and takes her clasp to hinder the water (ik tara plays),

kt says he needs to talk something imperative to her while Preeti hears strides sound and holes up behind rack thinking in the event that somebody sees them like this, at that point will definitely question their connection, as the strides blurred Preeti comes out and asks kt to go from that point however he says he won’t without conversing with her and is going to proceed with when somebody bolted the entryway of the kitchen,

Preeti panicks and request that kt go out through the ventilator while KT denies saying he disagrees with her musings as they haven’t done anything incorrectly to which Preeti says it’s not hers but rather town thinking and individuals need to change according to the encompassing, she proceeds with that she doesn’t need her parents in law to point finger on her character while KT consents to go just for her. Rati grumbles to her mom about town issues when KT leaped out of kitchen making Rati surprised, she interrogated him concerning leaping out this way! While KT gets freezed.

Precap:- kt attempts to come clean with Preeti about of his significant other yet couldn’t ready to discover her as all the women were in same clothing, he at that point sees a woman wearing same bangles as Preeti and hauls her to a side believing her to be Preeti, he educates her concerning his better half leaving him for her sweetheart following 2 years of marriage however gets stunned seeing Preeti remaining with Bua dadi.