Shaadi Mubarak 8 February 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with KT and Preeti bringing Neil and Priyanka for the wedding. Neil sits ups and apologizes to Priyanka. She grins. KT likewise sits ups and apologizes to Preeti. Preeti envisions this. KT says we prepared them, yet they need to take adjusts. Priyanka says mum isn’t here, she has seen dreams for my marriage. Preeti says Kusum will come and do your kanyadaan. Priyanka asks truly. Preeti says yes. Priyanka and Neil trade wreaths. Preeti proceeds to call Kusum. Kusum says I will disengage the call. Preeti says in the event that you detach, at that point you can’t see your girl’s marriage. Kusum gets stunned and inquires as to for what reason are you getting Priyanka hitched to Neil. KT says you failed to remember that this connection is fixed. Kusum asks how could you cheat me. Preeti says Priyanka is challenging like you.



says you can’t do this, for our fellowship. Preeti says you previously broke our kinship. Kusum says I will come there. Preeti disengages. She says on the off chance that Kusum disagrees, at that point, will our family acknowledge Priyanka. Everybody searches for KT, Neil and Preeti. Kushala thinks did KT and Priyanka plan to join Neil and Priyanka.


Kusum comes and requests Priyanka. Preeti says hear me out, Neil did commitment on Kushala’s truism, it was an agreement, we didn’t think about it, excuse us. KT says we aren’t duping you. Kusum asks where is Priyanka. Preeti says Priyanka’s bliss is inadequate without you. Kusum says fail to remember it now. Preeti says you instructed me to regard love, simply fortunate individuals get love throughout everyday life, don’t drive Priyanka to do this. KT says hear me out, in the event that individual falls head over heels in love once, at that point its not pixie that he begins to look all starry eyed indeed, heart gets stone, love doesn’t arrive at the heart, Priyanka and Neil got love, they simply need your gifts, you additionally fell head over heels in love, right, you proceed to favor your little girl now. Kusum goes to Priyanka. She searches for Neil. Priyanka says Maa…

Kusum causes Priyanka to sit in the mandap. She does the gathbandhan. Neil and Priyanka grin. Kusum says my bliss is your joy. KT and Preeti cheerfully cry. Kusum comes to them and apologizes. She says you kept the kinship, when I expressed such awful things out of resentment, I wish you get love in your life. Preeti embraces her. Neil and Priyanka take the wedding adjusts. Preeti says guarantee me, you will consistently include me in each favorable thing. KT says I guarantee, you additionally guarantee to care for my family. She says I guarantee. He says I guarantee to care for your family. She says guarantee me to share my delight and distress. KT says I guarantee that I will consistently give you regard, I will do nothing that affronts our connection. She says I guarantee to ensure your regard. She cries. He says I likewise guarantee the equivalent, additionally that I will regard your desire first. Read more………


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